Victorian school for sale

The Victorian School of the Three Rs in Llangollen, North Wales is up for sale. On the Internet, of course. “The school recreates lessons in reading, writing and arithmetic in authentic style” for tourists, reports the BBC.

The school bills itself as “an experience not to be missed,” yet admits Victorian schooling could be brutal.

School was very different then, so you may find the teaching methods something of a shock. Discipline was rigidly enforced and many children suffered at the hands of teachers who were very free with the cane.

Children were punished for speaking Welsh, even though many knew no other language.

Via Erin O’Connor.

Also: The British House of Lords has rejected a ban on “smacking” (spanking) children. Corporal punishment that doesn’t cause “physical or mental harm” will be allowed.

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  1. interested observer says:

    Wasn’t it H.G.Wells who said that he had great hopes for the young of his day – if they could just survive the educational system?

  2. stolypin says:

    The idea of the House of Lords opposing a spanking/caning ban on students should come as no shock to anyone who has spent time in a British public (boarding) school. I have no doubt that many Lords have fond, wistful, memories of the days when their head or Housemaster caned their bare bottoms. (just a thought) 🙂

  3. Stolypin, the House of Lords is not what it used to be: Blair’s legislation kicked the vast majority of the hereditaries out years ago as part of the perpetually incomplete “reform” of Britain’s upper chamber. The life peers are admittedly patronage appointments of the worst sort, but it’s inaccurate to think of the HoL as all a bunch of perverted old toffs–not that there’s anything wrong with that sort of thing, as long as it’s between consenting adults. 😉

  4. stolypin says:

    Dave J,
    point taken, although I suspect many of the current members still have a public school background.

    Dave J, funny thing. My first day at this public school I went out with the others to play rugby in the pouring rain. Of course it was very muddy and I got back to the ‘house’ expecting to take a shower – only to find there were no showers – just very large bathtubs. I went into one – placing myself at the back of the tub only to be told: a) that we bathed 2 by two; and b)a younger student always sat in the back to assist the 6th formers in their ablutions. I had an intersting year. 🙂

    I told this story 30 years later to a group of friends who happen to be gay and they thought it was hysterical. I think they all decided to apply for admission!!!

    I also got caned once.

    So, when I think of corporal punishment and the House of Lords – my thoughts turn rearward (so to speak) to those bath tubs and my headmaster’s cane.