Summer is for school

Many of Buffalo’s 4,000 charter school students are in school in the summer, reports the Buffalo News. Students don’t seem to mind; it’s not as if their families can afford summer camp or family vacations.

At the Enterprise Charter School, classes ended July 15 and start up again on Aug. 16, cutting summer break from 10 weeks to four. In addition, nearly 100 of the school’s 426 pupils currently are taking part in a voluntary three-week intercession, consisting of recreational and cultural activities.

The Community Charter School, 404 Edison St., ends the school year a week later than traditional city schools and resumes classes a week earlier.

Those schedules are designed to give students extra time to learn, to keep them off the streets and to avoid “summer learning loss.” “A lot of the charter schools are concentrated in urban neighborhoods and believe that a longer school year or school day is just necessary for the student population they serve,” said Peter Murphy, vice president of New York Charter Schools Resource Center. “Hopefully, that will put pressure on the traditional school districts to look at the scheduling issue.”

KIPP’s long school day and longer school year gives students 60 percent more learning time than traditional public school students. It helps.

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  1. BigFire says:

    I took summer school every single year from 7th grade till I graduated from college. Before I went to college, it was an easy grade to pick up on, and to get rid of courses I don’t like. In college, it was the only way I can think of to get rid of non-major courses.

  2. mike from oregon says:

    Both my daughters (one will be a junior in high school the other a freshman) go through two or three “home school” courses that are aimed at the grade they are about to go into, each and every summer. What this does is to make those two or three courses very easy, basically a review, when they are actually taking the courses for credit during the regular school year. This not only allows them to get good grades in those subjects but frees up time so that they have more time to spend on the subjects that we didn’t go over in the summer. We try to make sure the subjects that we cover in the summer will be the harder ones. Math and the sciences are almost always covered in the summer, we also hit english. It works.