Starting a school

How does a principal get a new charter school off the ground? My story on recruiting students for a new KIPP middle school in San Jose, Starting from Scratch, is in today’s Christian Science Monitor.

I’m especially proud that they used a photo that I took myself with my daughter’s digital camera. I am not known as a great photographer. I once took a series of photos for a travel article: Every shot featured my right index finger. The editor went with illustrations.

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  1. cjstevens says:

    This is a very inspiring article, and it starts to answer that very question I’ve been wondering about myself. Incidentally, before I had even scrolled halfway down, I was thinking “Teach For America”… lo and behold, there it was!

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Darn – I couldn’t get a comment in to the CSM editor.
    Are you going to follow this school?
    Could you try it at the PA Daily?

  3. Great article, Joanne.

    Imagine the improvements to the traditional public schools if their principals also had to treat parents like customers in the same way that the KIPP principal does.