Size matters — if it’s gray matter

In 24 regions of the brain, big is better. Nature reports:

A brain imaging study suggests that human intellect is based on the volume of grey matter in certain brain regions, challenging alternative views about the basis of intelligence.

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  1. Now if we could just figure out the correlation to hat size.

  2. Lou Gots says:

    Congtratulations. You are now looking into the eyes of the elephant in the living room so closely that you can smell the peanuts on its breath. Nineteenth Century researchers posited that brain size, particularly the frontal area, was related to inteligence and thought that this could be predicted by something called “facial angle” q.v.. This sort of thinking was susceptible to misuse by persons lacking a transcendent ethical base to rationalize unjust and uncharitable treatment of individuals whose only failing was membership in a racial group with a characteristically more acute facial angle.

    The social sciences consciously recoiled from this sort of thinking for ideolgical reasons, and it has remained a forbidden area. Ponder, now, the significance of this line of thinking for the educator. If general intelligence is the same for all humans, then all we need is more and better education to achieve equality of outcomes. Then the teacher is in the best position of all–sort of like being the music director in a pig opera. One’s subjects never learn to sing, but you keep going through the motions. And always, there is something else to blame, perhaps lead residue in the drinking water, anything.

  3. Mad Scientist says:

    My wife has always said the sexiest part of the body was the brain.

    See? Size does matter.