Compare and contrast

Comparing school results will be easier in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky, thanks to Standard & Poor’s School Evaluation Service, which is expanding web access to school data. Ohio and Kentucky data will be online by fall, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Also, for each public district, Standard & Poor’s will post a “return on resources” analysis, showing how well students are performing compared to what their districts spend. The idea is to provide free, objective, credible information that transcends the politics of education, said Bill Cox, managing director of the project.

“You can’t really begin to know how well you’re doing, or how well you can do, until you understand how well others are doing,” Cox said.

Besides allowing customized searches, the site automatically compares a school’s statistics to state and national averages, as well as to a “peer group” of schools with similar demographics.

School Results has school performance information from about half the states, using data from S&P and other sources.

Via Education Gadfly.

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  1. John Doe says:

    None of the statistics that I have ever seen have ever shown what really matters — year over year improvements by the same students. Without that you are comparing students more than schools.

  2. *** This is the most important post on your site (today) ***

    Really. The way schools will really get better is by measuring how well they teach students. John’s comment on following individuals is only partly true — schools that turn out great test takers are doing something better than schools that don’t.

    And, like standard accounting reports for measuring profit aren’t perfect, test results have to start being published and compared, before their form can be reasonably improved.