A Bush in Harlem

First Daughter Jenna Bush is interested in working as a charter school teacher in New York City, according to a story I stumbled across in New York Resident magazine.

Bush, who graduated last month from the University of Texas with a degree in English, has visited a number of schools in the area, including the Harlem Day Charter School, which serves more than 150 students in kindergarten through fourth grade.

“What’s unique about this is that here you have the daughter of the person who created [No Child Left Behind] working in a community where the legislation is the most difficult to implement,” said Gwen Stephens, who heads the school, “and where the task and the challenge is the greatest.”

If Bush takes the job, she’ll also attend graduate school to earn a teaching certificate.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    There has to be either a Haliburton or a Saudi connection here somewhere.

  2. theAmericanist says:

    Man, that’s a cheap shot.

    I hope she does it — especially after her Dad loses.

  3. She’s obviously going to be doing groundwork for that oil pipeline that Halliburton’s planning to run through Harlem, don’cha know?

  4. It’s all about the Oil.

    No Grades For Oil!!!!


  5. If Hilary wants the White House, she’d better get Chelsea away from Donatella Versace and into the US Army. I was horrified to learn that Chelsea was pulling down $100,000 as an alleged management consultant in health care!

  6. Andy Freeman says:

    Chelsea and her mother are Dems. There’s nothing that Chelsea could do that would reflect badly on her mother.

  7. I attended a Seattle School Board public hearing on charter schools earlier this year. One of the parents who opposes charter schools testified that “Bush is for charter schools and that’s all we need to know to be against them.”

    Imagine the mileage she’ll get out of this news.

  8. theAmericanist says:

    How come nobody here seems to react to this news along the lines of: Gee, what a nice thing, that the daughter of the President of the United States, from a family that has been rich since at least the Harding administration, is considering a difficult job with low pay?

    I mean — she doesn’t need the money, and she could surely go get tan lines to die for someplace. It’s not like her Dad would have a whole lot of traction if he told her not to waste her youth.

    And let’s face it, by her Dad’s standards, this job is an enormous and direct challenge: if she fails as a teacher in a school like that, folks will know it. If she goes through with it (especially if he is re-selected), this won’t be like the series of business failures he produced, each time being bailed out by folks who benefited from his family’s political connections. To this day, you meet folks who actually think our President has a clue how ‘bidness’ works, when his experience is nothing like free market capitalism.

    There hasn’t been a Bush who tried something like this, without a net, since Bush, Sr., learned to fly.

    Give her credit — IF she does it.

  9. Americanist – So W. doesn’t know anything about “bidness”? Funny he and his backers bought the Rangers in 1989 for $89 million and in 1998 sold them for $250 million. Making $161 million for himself and his backers in 9 years. Sounds like a good business move to me. If you say “Well they didn’t win at all” well a lot of teams didn’t win in those 9 years either.

  10. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Someone ask tA when the last time was when he flew a Century class fighter? You can’t BS a fighter cockpit with a pedigree. Bush Jr. learned to fly a stick far more challenging than his Daddy’s TBM. [F?} Fewer than 1% of the licensed pilots have the capability to do what Bush did. tA criticizes Bush, and tA probably could not preflight a J-3.

  11. Walter E. Wallis says:

    For the chronologically deficient, a J-3 is a Piper Cub is an extremely simple flying machine.

  12. Richard Nieporent says:

    I hope she does it — especially after her Dad loses.

    If she goes through with it (especially if he is re-selected)

    TheAmericanist , there is one thing I can say for you, you certainly have a one track mind. I wonder what it would take for you to stop you childish behavior? After all, I wouldn’t want you to get banned from this playground.

    Actually, I’m surprised you would post here; it appears you would be much more at home in the DU.

  13. theAmericanist says:

    Walter: Bush, Sr.’s principal flight experience was in an SB2U, not a TBF. (His favorite plane was a Jenny, btw.) If Bush, Jr. was such a hot pilot, pray tell, why does nobody who flew in his unit actually remember him? How come the Air Guard’s own payroll codes mark him as a deserter?

    Brad: Bush’s business record sucks, and you know it. HE didn’t make money with the Rangers, the guys who put him in the job did. Ya know, the ones who bailed him out of his previous losses? The ones who went on to make money off of Saudi Arabia — like our current ambassdor to the kingdom? Bush just got paid — for nothing. You can’t name a single blessed decision he made that was worth a damn, cuz nobody who put up any cash actually let him MAKE any. You might try fooling people who don’t know about it. Mac Baldridge or Warren Buffet, he ain’t.

    (smile) Richard, I doubt anybody but an ideologue would think I’ve got a one-track mind about this, or anything else. IF JJ wants me gone, she can hint — and I’ll vanish. Who are you, bub?

    I stand by my point: it is an honorable thing that Jenna B is even considering this job, and it would be a real deal within her family, if she took it, precisely because it is exactly the opposite of the failing upward that typified her Dad’s career, such as it was.

    It is curious to me that nobody — but me, fercrying out loud — seems able to say a single nice, essentially apolitical thing about it.

    (shaking head) Conservative ideologues: churls.

  14. Mad Scientist says:

    Bush got paid for nothing

    Sort of like McAuliffe’s deal with WorldCom.

    Richard, I doubt anybody but an ideologue would think I’ve got a one-track mind about this, or anything else

    Seems like everything you post on doggedly belabors a point du jour. Like the incessant ranting on how the conutry was founded on slavery. Or the crap about the blues. Or anything you bloviate on.

    It is curious to me that nobody — but me, fercrying out loud — seems able to say a single nice, essentially apolitical thing about it.”

    You know, sometimes people do nice things without the need for a pat on the back. And as for apolitical, I refer you to your first post of this thread:

    I hope she does it — especially after her Dad loses.”

    You were the one who started the political crap.

    Deal with it.

  15. Richard Aubrey says:

    As regards Bush 41’s record, Americanist, you haven’t been paying attention.
    That stuff is all wrong.
    No records as “deserter”, and some talk from his squadron mates as remembering him. The no-remembering is from a temporary, non-flying status station assignment he had.
    You must not have gotten the memo. This is a dead horse.
    The smearers are on to something else, having been throughly smacked on this one by the facts.
    If they had the facts, do you think you’d be out here by your lonesome still trying to peddle this stuff?

  16. Walter E. Wallis says:

    It looked like a TBM/F to me, but what does an infantryman know about the Navy’s weird designation system. That does not change the fact that Senior Bush’s son flew a century class fighter and you don’t fly one of those with a silver spoon. You are either real, real good or you are real, real dead. Don’t ask me, ask any flyboy.
    The left is running short since they keep pumping the dry hole of the Bush NG record. tA might tell us who has provided air defense for the continental United State for most of the last half century, and then try to guess why I get so pissed at Feather Merchants who denegrate that job.
    I have often wished for a system where the parasites would get the government they want without dragging the producers down with them, but that is just a dream.

  17. theAmericanist says:

    Um, not so, folks. Bush bailed on his obligations in uniform: he didn’t serve out his time, which makes it all the more ironic that he is cancelling rotations for folks who have done better by the country in uniform than HE did. He wasn’t discharged, in fact, until he’d been at Harvard for a month. How conveeeenient.

    LOL — y’all aren’t interested in facts, but here they are: (http://www.glcq.com/discharge_scam_text.htm).

    The gist of it is that Bush was counselled (as required by the Air Force) of his obligations, which included 1) remaining ready to fly through training until he was transferred to a non-flying job; 2) continuing to be tested and certified to fly until he’d been transferred; 3) getting permission for a new assignment before he stopped meeting the requirements for his then-current flying assignment, and 4) the fact of these obligations continuing through 1974, by which time in fact he’d been in Harvard Business School for 9 months. His payroll records, the codes entered in by the Air Force itself, show that they themselves classified Bush as first failing to meet his obligation to train, and then as moving to Standby rather than Ready Reserve status: which was exactly the opposite to his legal obligations. It’s not a complex story, nor hard to understand.

    But, of course, his Dad — at the time the RNC chair, and the last ditch defender of Nixon — bailed him out.

    But this thread isn’t and wasn’t about that: like I said in my first post here, it’s about Jenna B taking a tough job for low pay, and in fact precisely the sort of job where HER dad can’t bail her out. She will sink or swim on her own as a teacher, won’t she?

    LOL — as for what’s apolitical, y’all pretty much nailed it in what you’re taking for granted: if she doesn’t take the job when her Dad is no longer President, QED.

    I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Y’all deny that to her.

    (smile) Speaks volumes, don’t it?

  18. theAmericanist says:

    Oy — forgive me for this, JJ:

    A TBF is (or was) primarily designed for delivering torpedoes against surface ships. An SB2U was primarily designed as an anti-submarine weapon. Both were used for other operations (Bush Sr. was shot down in an action against Japanese on an island; my Dad flew TBF’s on anti-submarine missions), but they’re not very similar aircraft: it’s sorta the difference between a pickup and a bakery truck. It’s nothing most folks would know — but then, most folks who don’t know have the wit not to publicly express opinions about it.

    But sloppy thinking and lesser understanding bugs me.

    I think it is an admirable thing that Bush, Jr., chose such a dangerous thing as flying jets. But tht doesn’t change what he’d signed up FOR. He was jumped ahead of dozens if not hundreds of guys who might have done just as well as he at learning how to fly — and just MIGHT have fulfilled ALL of their obligations, instead of blowing off training and going to grad school.

    Face it: the politically incorrect but accurate word for what he did is desertion. He got away with it — but then, that’s the point. At every point in Bush, Jr’s life, he has failed UP.

    If Jenna B has the courage to go through with this, she will be working without a net. More power to her.

  19. Walter E. Wallis says:

    tA, Bush completed his obligation. In accordance with common practice in reserve units Bush was allowed to transfer his obligation to a unit near his new job. That unit had no flying slots available, so Bush completed his obligation as a SLJ officer [ask – I am not allowed to use that language here.] Not one record has been found that contradicts that explanation, no matter how loud you scream. At least Bush didn’t fake wounds to accumulate Bandaid Purple Hearts to cut his combat duty more than in half and to abandon his crew.
    tA, if you are going to challenge me, why not do all my points?

  20. theAmericanist says:

    Three reasons:

    First, courtesy. I try not to derail threads.

    Second, accuracy. I state facts, e.g., the four points regarding Bush’s obligations, and leave ’em in plain sight. Is it true that Bush was required to remain flight-ready until he was transferred to a non-flying job? (The taxpayer had invested a lot in his training, after all.) Yup, he was. Did that require him to keep up his training, certifications, medical tests, etc.? Yes, it did. Did he do all those things? No, he did not. Was it the policy at the time that guys in whom the taxpayer had invested so much money in training, when they tanked that investment, were to be IMMEDIATELY transferred to units on Ready Reserve? Why, yes it was. (Read the manual. Better yet, check the codes on his payroll records, as noted in the link.) Is that what happened to Bush, Jr.? Why, no, it was not. He was in grad school for a month before he was discharged.

    That’s what special treament looks like, ya know: a guy blows off his obligations, is not held accountable for it, and gets the ‘paperwork’ adjusted.

    How many folks in the service in Iraq these days would like a piece of that?

    You ignored all of those, instead making assertions on other subjects that you then demand somebody refute. That’s just stooopid — and a sign tht you KNOW you don’t know what you’re talking about, but lack the brains and character to shut up.

    Third, relevance. I noted in my first post, and in every once since, that the important thing about what Jenna B is said to be doing is, er, that SHE is doing it. And what it is: something in which, if she goes through with it, her family cannot help her to fail up.

    Speaks volumes that about THAT, Jenna B’s job, the theme of the thread: you have nothing to say.

  21. Richard Nieporent says:

    Not surprisingly, the person that posts the most has the least to say, and repeats it over an over again. if you can’t make your point after the 5th post, maybe you just don’t have a point to make!

  22. Mad Scientist says:

    I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Y’all deny that to her.”

    We all assume that if she said she’ll do it, she’ll do it. You are the one who doubts she’ll follow through.

  23. Mad Scientist says:

    Richard, he specializes in posting just to read what he posts.

    And to stir the pot.

  24. theAmericanist says:

    (smile) In the ancient and honorable tradition of Meyer Lansky, I’d lay 6-5 she is there in September; even money she’s still there next January if her Dad is in the White House, and 10 to 1 she’s not when he ain’t.


  25. I have been trying to decide whether to add comments to my site. (It’s hand coded, so it would take some work on my part.) The generally high level of comments at this fine site make me think it would be a good idea. But there are exceptions.

  26. NOTE – This post has nothing to do with the subject. You’ve been forewarned. For months I have been trying to figure out the “real” identity of theAmericanist. I think I’ve narrowed down the possibilities. Let’s look at the clues. 1) Hates George W. Bush and anything associated with his past and/or administration. 2) Resorts to sarcasm/namecalling and obscure statistics/sources when challenged. 3) Has been known to selectively leave out facts when they don’t suit his argument. I’m getting the feeling that he is Micheal Moore or possibly a Micheal Moore wannabe. Somebody offer him a camera and a few bucks and let’s see what happens.

  27. Mad Scientist says:

    I “know” who theAmericanist is. He e-mailed me (from what I can only assume is his real e-mail addy)to berate me in private.

    I will not post his name here, but anyone who wants to know can e-mail me.

  28. Lest anyone think otherwise, my previous post was meant in jest. I am in no way trying to “out” tA. Most of us operate under anonymity at this site, and that is the way it should be. Sorry if I started something. Although I must say that if one wishes to remain anonymous, one shouldn’t send e-mails from personal addresses.

  29. theAmericanist says:

    More courteously, if ya wanna know who I am, you could ask … me. Privately — I’m no longer a public person.

    I presume that clicking on my monicker will give you my real name, under which I was baptized, and my real email address. I realize not everybody does that, but I do. I’m more or less in real life who I am here — JJ will recall, because I used to talk to her on the phone when she was with the Merc, about some of the things we’ve kicked around in these threads.

    You guys really do epitomize the ‘paranoid style’ ya know.

    On another thread, a guy announced that he had decided from my posts that I had never done anything on any of the stuff I write about here. Because his email address wasn’t available from his posts, I suggested that he email me, since the thread wasn’t about me. Instead, he attacked me again, in public — so to answer his attack I posted much of what I’ve done for a living for the past 20 years: work in the Senate, in the House, business ventures, a bipartisan Congressional Commission, political organizing, currently an historical novel and a non-fiction history. It’s not like I’m shy, guys.

    I note, too, that he simply slunk away after slurring me in public and getting a detailed, accurate answer to his sorta silly question. Although he has re-appeared once or twice, since, to rather classlessly make new attacks from some other angle. (I suppose it was too much to expect tht he might have said, er, sorry I accused you of being a wannabe.)

    So while I’m flattered that y’all are so astonished to be actually challenged in the echo chamber you’re evidently used to, I don’t post on JJ’s to talk about me.

    Why do you?

  30. Mad Scientist says:

    Friend, if you post in a public forum and put your e-mail out there for all to see, guess what?

    You are a public person.

    I have actually looked up some of your stuff, and man, I don’t care for it one little bit. Especially the crap about dual citizenship being a good thing.

    So big deal, you worked in the House and the Senate. I would suspect your definition of “bipatrisan” would include something about someone from another party who agrees with you.

    From what you post here, you sound like the people who say: “There are two ways to believe, the wrong way and my way”. That does not tend to win any converts or even a sympathetic ear.

    Face it, you are as bad as you accuse us all of being. Perhaps worse, with the condescending attitude, the (grins) and the (lols).

    You know, the problem with being better than everyone else, is that folks think you may be arrogant. In this case, they would be right.

  31. theAmericanist says:

    Mad: no, I’m not. For one thing, I’ve never bothered to look up a thing you’ve written.


  32. Mad Scientist says:

    Go ahead. If you can find anything, let me know.

    But then again, I don’t think you would find some stuff on science all that interesting.

  33. Sorry to do this again, but I’m going to stray from the original topic of this thread.

    tA: I’m impressed. You were actually able to type the word “courteously.” Now, if you could just learn the meaning of the word, we’d all be happier campers. I really don’t have a problem with people stating their opinions, even when those opinions differ from mine. This is a free country, and you have every right to your opinion. What I do have a problem with is someone talking to me like I’m a two-year-old who doesn’t know that two plus two equals four. I may not possess your amazing intellect and string of accomplishments, but if that’s what it takes to become a tA wannabe, I think I’ll be okay. Since you apparently don’t get sarcasm unless it’s put in parentheses, let me elaborate. (BIG FAT FREAKIN’ SMILE)

  34. theAmericanist says:


  35. No, I don’t think I will.

  36. Anonymous says:

    “But sloppy thinking and lesser understanding bugs me.” But then how do you sleep at night, tA?

    Bush, Sr. flew a TBM Avenger as part of Torpedo Squadron VT-51 off the light carrier San Jacinto from September 1943 to the end of 1944, when the unit was sent back home after sufferring 50% losses. Bush, Sr. then served in training wing for new torpedo pilots, then assigned to a new torpedo squadron VT-153 until discharged in September 1945.

    The TBM was a torpedo bomber, but widely used as a regular bomber and in ASW. The SB2U Vindicator was a dive bomber that was obsolete before the war started and only saw major combat once at Midway in 1942 when a Marine unit was devastated. SB2Us were then withdrawn from front-line service.

    Bush may have flown an SB2U in training, though I can find no mention of it, and it would be rather unusual to train someone for service in a modern torpedo-bomber in an obsolete dive-bomber — two more different missions can hardly be imagined. He certainly had more flight hours in Avengers than any other type, probably more than all other types combined.

    I’d thought you were full of it in a lot of your posts, tA, but now I’m sure of it. Sloppy thinking and lesser understanding seems to be your forte.

  37. theAmericanist says:

    (smile) I appreciate the correction. (If ya really wanna know how I made the mistake — cuz I presume you’re right — ask me, privately.)

  38. Rooster says:

    The Mad Scientist (the only one I know) makes music, with a rap/pop/techno flavor. It’s quite good.
    Are you that same person?

  39. Mad Scientist says:

    Not hardly. The only instrument I can play, with difficulty, is the radio.

  40. Anybody heard ANYTHING about Jenna’s Harlem venture lately? Or has it disappeared down the rabbit hole? Did she even finish the application and interview process? School started several weeks ago — Jenna’s been seen in NYC, but mostly drinking in trendy clothes at posh clubs.

    I suspect there was never any intention of her teaching there — it was just PR for daddy’s campaign. Ditto with Barbara’s announcement re working with AIDS kids.


  1. Nooner

    Discipline, Slick, discipline.