Weaving for college

Reform K12 has a heart-warming post on his inner-city charter school’s valedictorian, who feared she wouldn’t be able to pay for college.

Our valedictorian was a recent immigrant to the United States when she began as a freshman four years ago. She worked very, very hard to overcome her personal and language obstacles and earned excellent grades through her efforts.

She shared with us that when she was filling out college applications and student loan forms this year she had serious doubts that she and her family would be able to afford college, and she voiced her concern to her father.

He said, “Begin to weave, and God will supply the thread.”

Weave she did, pouring her heart and soul not only into her classwork — she’s graduating with a 4-year GPA just shy of 4.0 — but into the personal essays required for her applications.

She earned a full-scholarship to a top college.

Also check out the photo of a graduate who’s heading for the Air Force.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    I love it when an education takes.

  2. John Doe says:

    A white male from a dirt-poor family poured his heart and soul into his studies too, but he never got a scholarship and wound up at a community college.

  3. interested observer says:

    Good for him!