Three stalls and you’re out

Learn by doing no longer is the policy in Carroll, Iowa. The school board fired its bus driver for letting students drive the bus. Children said she offered to let them bring treats on the bus if they didn’t tell their parents.

After the meeting, (parent) Michael Heim said children were given three tries to successfully put the bus in gear. “It was three stalls and you’re out,” he said.

Lesleh Heim said one child became scared and asked to be let off the bus early. The Heims estimate that Rivers let the kids drive about five miles. Michael Heim said he had heard from school administrators that Rivers had already tried to apply for a bus driver position in another district.

She’s accumulated numerous moving violations, so perhaps she thought the kids would be safer drivers.

Via Eduwonk.

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  1. stolypin says:

    The driver apparently had received 15 moving violations in the last 10 years and had also received a citation for driving with a suspended license (follow the links). So my only question is why was how she managed to be driving a school bus in the first place?

  2. Stoly: Nobody else wanted the job?

  3. Probably right, Markm. A couple of years ago we had drivers doing double runs because we couldn’t give the jobs away. Small wonder. Personally I’d starve first.

  4. theAmericanist says:

    Hmmm…. kids driving the schoolbus. (and it’s an improvement?)

    I remember some years back, after the USSR broke up, when some Aeroflot captain let his plane crash into a mountain, killing everybody on board. When they got out the black box, it turned out that the guy had let his teenaged son fly it.

    Which prompted a friend of mine to observe: “Don’t ya kinda want your last conscious thought on earth to be along the lines of “Oh, don’t mention it, Mr. President,” or “At least the women and children are safe,” not: I’m SUCH an idiot.”

  5. I once had a bus driver who’d let kids work the gear shift while she drove. She’d call out when to shift, and we’d shift.

    We thought she was the coolest bus driver ever.

  6. Throughout this entire incident my concern has been the idea that this woman was going to drive other people’s kids. I stood up because I don’t want her driving a car let alone a bus….I encourage parents everywhere to stand up for your kids. You are the only defense they have in a world that is pitted against them, and when one thinks that our elected school board is going to protect them, rest assured that is not the case. They are concerned with “Politics as usual”.