Child’s play

Little Green Footballs links to a video on a Swedish Islamic site, Al Qaeda for Kids, which shows children playing Holy Warrior. They seem to be enacting the beheading of Nick Berg.

Last night I saw a performance of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). It’s a Monty Pythonesque farce. The Titus Andronicus scene, a Julia Child parody, made fun of the play’s gore: Titus, his hand chopped off, and his daughter, both hands and her tongue chopped, demonstrate how to behead her rapist and cook him into a pie. It wasn’t funny. Way too close to recent events.

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  1. Brings to mind a few years ago my wife came home agast about her third graders. At recess they made up a ‘not very nice’ game about John Wayne and Lorena Bobbitt. You don’t wanna know. Ah, kids.

  2. According to Palestinian friends, they were trained to hate jews passionately from the earliest age, with the hatred regularly reinforced by parents and grandparents.

    I am not surprised that the practice is more widely occurrent in the muslim community.

  3. Someone on the hosting cite is claiming that there isn’t any difference between al qaeda and the U.S.
    I have very harsh words for people who make that argument.

  4. I recently saw the video of the original actors and I had the same reaction.

    Cutting off limbs isn’t as funny as it used to be.