Downtown College Prep will graduate its first class of students on June 19. Fifty-five of 59 seniors have been accepted at four-year colleges; several will come back as fifth-year seniors.

My former colleague Joe Rodriguez has a nice column on DCP’s struggle to turn underachievers into college-ready students.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    When you teach, they learn. How come nobody ever thought about this before?

  2. I wish Joe’s column had been longer.

    I wasn’t clear about how many students drop out or get kicked out before they graduate. Did he say half? And if so, how are they replaced?

  3. About half the class left for a variety of reasons: They couldn’t take the workload; they were kicked out; the family moved. Some kids are living with relatives in San Jose so they can stay in the school even though their parents have moved; others repeated a grade and are now 11th graders. But attrition is quite high.

    The school accepts very few transfers and none after the start of sophomore year.