Who’s crying now?

The kid who says, “Put me in, coach,” usually isn’t mocked for wanting to play. Idiotically, a middle school basketball coach in Pleasantville, New Jersey chose to humiliate a player who begged for playing time by giving him a “crybaby award” at a team banquet. The boy’s parents complained.

Last week, the coach apologized to the eighth grade honor student at a school assembly and gave him an award for team spirit and dedication.

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  1. That is horrible. Shouldn’t that coach be suspended? That coach should be ashamed of himself. Coaches are supposed to encourage kids not tear them down.

  2. You must how overlooked the part in the article where it said “The boy’s family was irate, and Guillen was removed as coach, was suspended from his teaching job for five days and lost a scheduled pay raise.” In addition the coach apologized at the school assembly. The “coach” was a 24 year old first year teacher who was asked to coach the team in addition to his regular duties. The article is more of a “happy ending” story than a “look how terrible” story.

  3. Mad Scientist says:

    Now, the Terrance Philo Jr. Award, will be forever known as the “Crybaby Award”. The apology has immortalized a singular “Don’t Mock Me” event.

    Guess the coach got the last laugh.