Stupid question

English teachers in England are protesting the “worst ever” Shakespeare question in a national test required for 14-year-olds.

The question, in the paper devised by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, told the pupils: “In Macbeth, Banquo warns Macbeth about the witches’ influence. You give advice in a magazine for young people.

“You receive this request: ‘Please advise me. I have recently moved school and made some new friends. I like spending time with them but my form tutor thinks my work is suffering. What should I do? Sam.’

“Write your advice to be published in the magazine.”

English instructors complained that the question could be answered without ever referring to Macbeth or anything else written by Shakespeare. They demanded an apology to the 630,000 students who took the test.

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  1. Walter Wallis says:

    I got their appology right here!

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  3. “…Your assignment: underline the word ‘Shakespeare’.”

  4. Thanks for the giggle.