Punishing the victim

Has anybody read up on the FBI crime statistics? Blacks are just plain violent; they are naturally that way. It isn’t poverty – poor Whites and poor Blacks don’t behave the same. Not only are Blacks more violent, they are also more corrupt in the use of power. You can just about count on a Black authority figure making up the rulebook as he goes, with ad hoc stipulations always in favor of Blacks. I’m willing to bet that episodes of Black-on-White violence in the public schools are commonplace and that most of them are swept under the rug. I’ll bet that White-on-Black violence in the public schools is comparatively rare, but the media makes a guilt-tripping extravaganza out of every case they can find. The only reason Courtney’s case was treated differently by the media is that she is handicapped – THAT is what got her sympathy from the liberal journalists.

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  1. Walter Wallis says:

    An administrator who cannot maintain order should find another line of work. This administrator might even be up for a jail term for gross criminal malfeasance.

  2. Raymund says:

    That blaring sound you hear is my cynicism alarm going off. Is race the white elephant in this story? The girl’s last name, Glowczewski, suggests she’s Caucasian, and the school she attends is Martin Luther King M.S., which suggests most students are black. If a majority of students are black, odds are a majority of bullies are black. If a white boy set a black girl’s hair on fire, who would get sent home for the rest of the year? What would the news media be jumping on?

  3. Richard Aubrey says:

    Possibly, the principal had maxed his minority push-out numbers for the year.
    First, as Mark Twain said, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then He made school boards.
    And, to extend it a bit, He made administrators.

  4. I emailed to and received a response from Mark Stevens, Director of Public Information for Denver Public Schools:


    Thanks for your e-mail and your concern.

    There were a series of serious lapses in process in the way in which this incident was handled. The student has since been disciplined. And the student being harassed should have been encouraged to stay in school and should have been provided with a safe, supportive learning environment.

    One of the district’s three goals is to set high expectations for students and staff (and parents and community members as well) and this series of events fell far short of that goal.

    I’m attaching below a copy of the Board of Education’s policy on bullying just so you know that our standards on this issue – and procedures for dealing with it – are clearly stated.


    Mark Stevens

  5. “The girl’s last name, Glowczewski, suggests she’s Caucasian”

    Actually, from the snapshot of the video on the main story page, you can tell that she is indeed white. Is race an issue here? Might be, in a way, but it’s hard to tell if it’s more an issue than the general stupidity of the school and her disability.

    Appalling, regardless.

  6. Richard Aubrey says:

    I bet the PR guy is glad to have a holiday coming up.
    Thanks for taking the time, Jim.
    But what I want to know is what really, really bad things happened to the so-called adults who screwed this up.
    How about a lawsuit? I generally don’t like this sort of thing, but when the institution is aggressively on the wrong side and tells you, in effect, to get stuffed, you have to get their attention somehow.

  7. Now my cynicism alarm is going off…

    So the student was ‘disciplined’? Precisely what does this mean? I suspect it was something along the lines of ‘a stern talking-to’, rather than anything that would have generated too much conflict (dismissal, summary execution, etc.) and given that poor, overworked principal too much paperwork to fill out… By the way, why isn’t the principal being roasted alive for his role in all of this?

    Sorry about the venting, but this particular case really aggravates me…

  8. Bob Diethrich says:

    Yeah my B**L S**T detector was redlining as well. It took me about two paragraphs and looking at the face in the video caption to realize that the perpetrator was probably black in a majority black school.

    Funny how the news media bends over backwards to keep the race of a minority suspect out of the news, but will scream banner headlines when the situation is reversed.

    Remember the Belway Sniper case as all of the major media, print and video, went out of their way to remind us that serial killers tend to be while males? Funny you don’t hear about most inner city drug killings being perpetuated by minorities.

  9. Mike Roemer says:

    CRIKEY!! It seems like everyday we hear a story about some poor kid kicked out for leaving a knife in his car, or a BB gun, or ect. Just yesterday I read one where a kid did show-and-tell what to take camping and put a steak knife in his box of “camping” equipment and was suspended. Then this—verified threat—hair set on fire—officials “know” about the knife, and all he gets is a “talking to??” Yeah, I know, we don’t have ALL the information yada yada. Just seems like a slight disconnect here.

  10. superdestroyer says:

    If you look up the statistics on the school it is only about 10% white. See: http://www.dpsk12.org/schools/e/Middle/419.shtml

  11. Richard Heddleson says:

    The girl is lucky she didn’t get 100 days in Juvenile Hall.

  12. I don’t know why anyone’s upset. The girl learned a lesson that she really needs to make a part of her.

    Society will excuse black misbehavior and criminality. Even if it kills you.

  13. Walter Wallis says:

    Brown vs Board of Education – The Confederacy’s final revenge.

  14. Setting someone on fire is aggravated assault–a felony. (fire is a deadly weapon) Pulling a knife on someone is aggravated assault. (using or exhibiting a deadly weapon).

    If this boy is 14 or above, he probably could be tried as an adult–for 2 felonies. (depending on state law)

    This is not some prank–this is a serious crime.

  15. Walter Wallis says:

    If I were a teacher during this age of PC, I would be in prison now for strangling a principal or a school board.

  16. Richard Heddleson says:


    You don’t have to be a teacher! Any parent or taxpayer has sufficient credentials to strangle any member of a school board or administrator within their jurisdiction.

  17. Summer school and “transportation”? Whither to? Australia?

  18. Fire the principal, arrest the bully, investigate the bully’s parents (with CFS) and bring policeman into the school AT ALL TIMES. Assaults of this nature are inexcusable and should never happen. Its times like this that I think Singapore has it right. Cane your juvenile offenders.

  19. I have seen this all before- O.J.

    I can only imagine the hero’s welcome the pigmentally challenged boy got for taking care of whitey.

  20. Richard Brandshaft says:

    Does not Denver have a police department? Is not assault a crime in Colorado? After all this fuss, the police can’t even complain that no one called them. Unless no one in the department reads or watches the local news.

    So what were the cops doing? Too busy arrested marijuana smokers and gamblers?

  21. It is nice to see the zero tolerance anti violence, anti weapon policies have led to a uniform application of discipline to all students. This has been very effective in increasing student safety. Or maybe zero tolerance policies were only meant to apply to honor students with a forgotten butter knife in a car or a two inch toy pistol on a keychain. /Sarcasm off

  22. Cousin Dave says:

    I suspect next we’ll hear the the girl has been expelled because of the school’s zero-tolerance policy regarding fire.

  23. I wonder if the administrators/Board of Ed for that school have ever heard of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the Americans with Disabilities Act? That girl’s rights were violated. And I’m not even speaking about the criminal acts perpetrated by the boy. I think a lawsuit is in order, too. Has the ACLU heard about this?

  24. So the young girl was offered a chance to go to summer school for doing nothing wrong. Big Deal! They will give her free transportation. So What! She did fine academically. She probably didn’t need summer school if she was allowed to finish the year. This summer school thing doesn’t sound cool for vacation. What will the young boy be doing on his vacation (assuming he gets one…he finished the school year)? Maybe hanging around some Association for Retarded Citizens(ARC)to pick on other people in wheelchairs. Come on Colorado! Assault is illegal. If that doesn’t matter to you, how about values and morality?