Higher brainwashing

A UCLA graduate at 20, Ben Shapiro has written a best-selling book about his experiences as a conversative amid groupthinking liberals. Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth, published by a conservative group, is selling briskly, notes the Christian Science Monitor.

Professors (at UCLA), he laments, routinely spouted liberal propaganda and rarely had their biases challenged. Conservative thinkers, on the contrary, Mr. Shapiro says, were generally shrugged off as not too bright.

As a columnist for UCLA’s student paper The Daily Bruin, he was able to voice his outrage until, he claims, he was fired for his views.

Amazon reviewers either trash the book as total nonsense or praise it lavishly.

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  1. Chris Haynes says:

    Kinda makes you wonder what a degree is worth when it becomes regurgitating someones liberal bs. Free flow of ideas and free speech for all my friends except those that are in college.

  2. Richard Brandshaft says:

    Nobody does “political indoctrination”, just like nobody does “propaganda..” Those terms are what someone else does.

    Should students be taught just rigid facts, (physical laws, names and states in history) or should teachers make some attempt to install the values of society, and some idea of what it means to be an American? When I was in public schools (New York, 1940s and 1950s) I was “indoctrinated” with many now-conservative beliefs: the notion that Americans are one people, no matter where they (or their ancestors) came from. The idea that a person shouldn’t be judged by the color of his skin. Schools should not be segregated by law.

    Liberal notions, at the time, taken for granted in a liberal city. 50+ years later, I still find these good values.

    When you don’t agree with educators, it’s “political indoctrination”.

  3. Richard: with children, you need a certain amount of indoctrination. The problem is that what the public schools attempt to indoctrinate nowadays seems to be pretty near the opposite of what they preached when you and I were in grade school. Better that they leave it to the parents than that they preach the anti-american, “multicultural”, victimology that is the current fad in schools of “education”.

    However, this was about college. Not children, but young adults, presumably intelligent and literate. They should learn the facts and draw their own conclusions.

  4. How typical. Perhaps this writer should go to Baylor or Brigham Young University? I doubt very seriously he would consider the neoconservative lines they tug ‘indoctrination’.

    Why doesn’t this writer go into the reasons there are so few conservative instructors? I wonder if he would like the answer?

    Too bad all this person can do is woe and lament at the ‘punishment’ and ‘indoctrination’ he felt by going to UCLA. I for one feel like he should enjoy some cheese with his WHINE.

  5. Roy W. Wright says:

    Why doesn’t this writer go into the reasons there are so few conservative instructors? I wonder if he would like the answer?

    Whatever the reasons are — considering that conservative thought is a lot more sensible, defensible, and popular, than leftist thought — I don’t think I would like them, either.

  6. lindenen says:

    If you’re referring to the supposed IQ differences between liberals and conservatives, they’ve been proven to be bunk.

    A clear sign of insanity is the invocation of the word “neoconservative”.

  7. D. Cooper says:

    Perhaps the ‘booing’ of E.L.Doctorow’s commencement address at Hofstra last weekend is typical of the ‘liberal’ mentality. He was booed while attempting to deliver a bit of anti-Bush propaganda. The university president stepped in to quell the crowd with the admonition that ‘we value open discussion and debate’. I’m sure there’s a lot of discussion and debate during a commencement address. Sometimes you ‘liberals’ just need to go away.

  8. Mark Odell says:

    his experiences as a conversative amid groupthinking liberals.

    Now if we could just do something about groupthinking neocons like Mr. Shapiro, we’d be in business.

    lindenen wrote: A clear sign of insanity is the invocation of the word “neoconservative”.

    The “invocation” by whom? To whom is this a “clear sign”? By whose standards? (The neocons’ own? Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?) Whose authority says so, and for what cogent reasons?