Dedicated to the job

This story is a tribute to a teacher’s dedication to her job — and her love of Home Depot.

Nancy and Robert Seaman were celebrating Mother’s Day at their home in Farmington Hills, near Detroit, when they began to argue. Their adult son left. Nancy Seaman then went to Home Depot to buy an ax.

Police say Seaman then returned to the rambling Tudor in the Ramblewood subdivision. She walked into the kitchen and slammed the ax into her husband’s head.

Then she dragged her husband’s body a short distance into the attached garage and began stabbing him with a knife and smashing him with a sledgehammer, police said.

The next day, Seaman taught her fourth-grade class, and then stopped at Home Depot a second time for cleaning materials to wipe up the mess, police said.

. . . Administrators at Longacre Elementary School told detectives that the friendly and award-winning teacher appeared disheveled and out of sorts on Monday, according to Police Chief William Dwyer.

The teacher has plead not guilty.

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  1. My nomination for understatement of the month:

    “Employees at her husband’s business, Put One in the Upper Deck, an indoor batting cage in Northville, told police she had a temper.”

  2. The anti-growth do gooders are trying to stop the construction of a new Home Depot in my neighborhood. Personally, I love Home Depot, too.

    You can always find the right tool for the job.

    Did you know that Home Depot is a model of interactive and scenario-based training? They hold classes on just about every home improvement topic you can imagine, and they think of themselves as providing information first and selling second. At least, that’s what they say.

  3. See? Home Depot causes violence.

  4. What we need is a waiting period on the purchase of axes.

  5. “This is one of the most exclusive subdivisions in Farmington Hills,” said Tom Bryant, a Ramblewood resident. “Things like this don’t happen here. People are wondering if it was a lover who killed him.”

    I wonder how they do kill each other in such neighborhoods. Arsenic? Dueling pistols?

    And I have to say how disappointed I was to read that she didn’t return the axe for store credit. If my wife ever passed up such an obvious financial opportunity, I’d kill her.

  6. I love how people think their money and their posh neighborhood somehow makes them immune to crime, particularly when it obviously involves some kind of mental illness.

  7. Percy Dovetonsils says:

    Axes don’t kill people. People kill people.

    (And it should go without saying that someone mentioned in this story is going to sue Home Depot.)

  8. Doug in VA says:

    When axes are outlawed, only outlaws will have axes.

  9. “The teacher has plead not guilty.”

    Of course she’s not guilty! How could she be when she obviously has school-induced stress. I tell ya, those fourth-graders can be murder.

  10. I don’t want to laugh. I really don’t. But…

  11. Some Yahoo says:

    What about her job?
    Will she be axed?
    Will she have to relocate and take a cut?
    Will she ever get a reply from job head-hunters?
    Could she find work as a ticket-scalper?

  12. snort. Joanne, you have an evil sense of humor.

  13. JimInNOVA says:

    Some Yahoo – she may be able to find reemployment at a stress clinic thanks to her cutting-edge relaxation tecnique.

    jon – people in posh neighborhoods use hired killers and/or lawyers. The killer is generally considered more humane.

  14. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves for making jokes out of a tradgedy like this. You have no idea who reads this and obviously don’t care. I have spent the whole week counseling both the staff and the students at that school. They are all devastated. I just hope nothing like this ever happens to any of you.

  15. Lucky neither of them worked in the Postal Service or the body count would have been significantly higher!

  16. Steve Barton says:

    Elisa may well be employed as a counselor at the school district: she spells as well as some of my kid’s teachers.

  17. Elisa,

    This story is NEWS, hon. It’s got a murder, a brand name, and the murderer was quirky. Do I have to explain why this would become fodder for some who like to make goofy comments regarding human foibles? Or should we just hang our heads and hold our hearts and mutter prayers?

    I vote for goofy comments, and will strenuously avoid sites like this if I ever kill my wife and kids. With an axe. And then go back for more stuff to get the job done correctly, since everyone knows you can never go to Home Depot just once!

  18. Tragedy…Is that better Steve? By the way, check your use of colons.

  19. Humor is a great stress reliever, but this kind of humor is a sad example of the insensitivity that so often prevails in our society. Our family (2 children former students of Nancy Seaman) grieve the loss of an exceptional teacher, the death of a man we did not know, and for all of the loss that Nancy herself is experiencing. There is NO humor in the enormity of the pain we are ALL feeling. And Elisa – thank you for your good work. Our family has benefitted greatly from your efforts.

  20. RJ-
    You and your family are very welcome. Take Care.

  21. RJ-
    You and your family are very welcome. Take Care.

  22. Robert Leroy Seaman was my first boss. It is a tragedy for everyone, and there is nothing funny about it.

  23. Mrs. Nancy Seaman taught my little brother last year. My mom says that she was the greatest teacher that any of the children in my family have ever had. She was the kindest and most caring woman that you could ever hope to meet. She was abused by Mr. Robert Seaman and everyone knows that abused people have trouble leaving the person that is abusing them. They have self confidence issues and feel like they are worth nothing. I think that you should think about all of the good things about Mrs. Seaman and pray that all goes well for her during her trial. I know that our family will be praying for her.

  24. Oh ya. By the way, Ms. Joanne Jacobs, do you even know Mrs. Seaman???

  25. I was in mrs.seamans former fourth grade class when all this happened.She was the nicest,coolest,and funnest teacher a person can ever meet. My brother was in her class four years ago,I heard from all of the kids at confrences telling me that she was the nicest teacher of all time. So four years later, I was in her class.She was nice and she never yelled at the students or any body else. I’ve heard from all my friends that they want mrs.seaman as their teacher. When this tradgedy happened we all did’nt belive it and we were sadened. My friends, who were Students in mrs.seamans class, and everybody else who loved her, and Me are all praying that she is proven not guilty.

  26. Unfortunately Involved says:

    I do not understand why this had to happen. If abuse was occurring, why did she not leave completely when she left for the Home Depot?