Comments are back!

To all the readers who got “access denied” when they tried to add or read comments: Don’t take it personally. Nobody has been banned. Or, rather, everyone was banned. There’s a reason I haven’t posted in 24 hours. I’ve been “forbidden” access myself. However, it’s now fixed. What went wrong? Not a clue.

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  1. Mark Odell says:

    This is just a wild shot in the dark, but might it have been some indirect effect of the spread of the Sasser worm?

  2. Walter Wallis says:

    Did someone remove the hex?
    Incidently, I have decided to vote for the party that promises to take all the Narks off drug enforcement and send them after Crackers and Virusers.

  3. I use a Mac, so I assume the worms can’t get me. And the problems were strictly MT-related. Everything else worked.

  4. harvey says:

    Joanne –
    “I use a Mac…”

    See I KNEW there was something (positively) different about you! 🙂

    Dragged over to the “dark side” at work but not at home!

  5. Almost definitely nothing to do with the Sasser worm. “” runs on some version of Linux, and Sasser spent its time hammering Windows boxes.

    The problem seemed to be a permissions error — I think execute privileges were removed from Moveable Type’s CGI scripts. Probably a screwup at the hosting company; perhaps in conjunction with a server upgrade or replacement. Netcraft ( ) hasn’t been monitoring this site so that’s just a guess.

    Yours truly,
    Jeffrey “Unix Geek” Boulier

  6. Walter Wallis says:

    Nah! Had to be a hex.

  7. Mark Odell says:

    Thank you, Jeffrey; I feel much relieved.