Chicken eaters pluck pike

“Pick a Pike” was the theme of this year’s Tech Challenge, sponsored by San Jose’s Tech Museum of Innovation.

The Challenge: Design, build, and operate a device that can find and collect one northern pike fish (one free floating, partially submerged plastic fish) from Lake Davis and place the fish within a collection area on shore. The device must start behind the shoreline near the edge of the lake. The maximum time allowed to operate the device is three minutes.

Extra challenge: We’ll add two “native” fish to Lake Davis! Your job will be to collect only the northern pike.

The best entry grand prize winner at the high school level was a team called Biggest Chicken Dinner made up of Mike Flores and Tejas Bafna of Downtown College Prep, the charter school I’m writing about. This is their fourth time at the Tech Challenge. (The first time they competed, they were eating chicken when they named the team, Big Chicken Dinner.) Mike will attend UC-Santa Cruz in the fall; Tejas is going to Cal Poly.

Update: San Jose’s Channel 7 (ABC) will rerun a story on DCP’s first graduating class on Sunday, May 30 at 7 am. To date, 92 percent of seniors have been accepted at four-year colleges; some of the others will return for a fifth year to better prepare for college. Most students had a D or F average in middle school; about 90 percent are Mexican-American.

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  1. Walter Wallis says:

    Since every one else has failed in this particular project, any success would be welcome, especially to the residents of Portola whose water supply has been hazarded several times by failed attempts. Darwin assisted can be hell.

  2. Interestingly, Big Chicken Dinner is military slang for a Bad Conduct Discharge. Not as bad as a Dead Duck (Dishonorable Discharge), but not by much.

  3. slimedog says:

    So how the heck does this chicken-powered pike plucker work?

  4. What? No pictures? What kind of a nitwit organizes a cool contest like that without putting up pictures and demos of the devices?