Certificate of what?

Do students learn more if the teacher is certified? Recent studies don’t prove it, writes Kate Walsh of the National Council on Teacher Quality. Eduwonk is dubious too.

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  1. Fuzzy Rider says:

    As long as ‘certification’ simply means taking a large quantity of meaningless and idiotic ‘education’ classes, should this really be a surprise to anybody????

  2. Mad Scientist says:

    Ah, but what is the meaning of certified? When I sat for the PE Exam, it was made very clear that the exam only meant you were minimally qualified.

    Draw your own conclusions.

  3. Richard Feynman, the Nobel prize winning physicist, said that the education schools should be shuttered.

    He compared them to the famous ‘cargo cults’ of the post World War II south pacific.

    The education schools, he said, have the form of a science. The professors wear tweed jackets; they write learned papers; attend distinguished conferences.

    But the test scores don’t go up. So it’s not a science. It doesn’t work.

    This was 40 years ago. Test scores have since gone down.

  4. Richard Brandshaft says:

    Bill R,

    Where did Feynman say that? I ask in case it means I missed a book of Feynman essays.