Bush vs. Kerry on education

Eduwonk praises President Bush’s speech at an Arkansas middle school defending No Child Left Behind and his remarks at the NIH. Of course, they think Kerry would do a better job of implementing NCLB. Well, they hope he would.

Education Gadfly analyzes Kerry’s education plan and calls for Bush to go beyond NCLB to come up with new education ideas. Gadfly’s got some suggestions.

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  1. Fuzzy Rider says:

    To me (poor libertarian that I am) it still comes back to one question:

    Why should the Feds be involved in education in any way??

  2. Pouncer says:

    I have another question… when, in the transcript, the President asks a question, why does the transcript ellide the response? Reid Lyon’s response, in particular?

  3. Amen fuzzy rider, too bad so many schools forget the fact that all those nice federal dollars come with a whole stack of requirements.