Be prepared

In The Atlantic, Christopher Hitchens reviews the 1908 Boy Scout Manual.

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  1. The story I heard was that ancient Sparta was the only Greek city-state to have no defensive wall. One time a visitor asked a Spartan about this, who pointed out the citizenry and said “These are the walls of Sparta–and every man is a brick!”

    Mr. Hitchens credits B-P with coining this one. I always thought he founded the oil company.

  2. other predecessors included Daniel Beard in the US. His early articles became a book in 1882 “designed to encourage city boys to recoer their natural independence and self-sufficiency” in the forward by Noel Perrin. “The American Boys Handy Book” was just recently reprinted by Godine Press (a wonderful publisher)

  3. Walter Wallis says:

    Consider the alternatives.