See that lovely notebook ad in the right hand column? I’ve got a three-month contract to run the ad, and it would be nice if it generated a few clicks. And don’t forget to click on the Google ads every now and then.

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  1. Mad Scientist says:

    I clicked, and I feel used. Since I am looking a tablet PCs, when I hear notebook, I think notebook PC.

    At if you drop this notebook, it does not rattle when you shake it.

  2. “These classic orange pads have a major cult following!”

    Who knew?

  3. I bought several of these notebooks at the design-oriented AIA bookshop in Philadelphia. They have a lot more pizzazz than my usual back of an envelope!

  4. Cris,

    A very secretive cult, I guess. I never heard of Rhodia until now.

    Like Mad Scientist, I had higher tech expectations when I clicked on the ad. I wasn’t thinking notebook computer, but I was imagining some newfangled more-than-paper, less-than-laptop device: a PDA customized for students.

    Here’s a thought: Joanne Jacobs-branded notebooks and other school paraphernalia …

    (dodging paper balls thrown at me)

  5. It’s a cult and I’m a member. One of the things the French do really, really well (along with wine and cheese) is OFFICE SUPPLIES. It’s damn hard to find all the different sizes of Clairefontaine pads in America!

    I suffer from two of the most terrible intellectual fallacies — my work will go more smoothly if I do it in a beautiful room and my work will be better if I do it in a cool medium; hence my addiction to working in nice library reading rooms and my ongoing translation of Victricius of Rouen’s homily on the saints in a Clairefontaine notebook with a ridged plastic cover.

    I’ll click their ad once a day, Joanne! Thanks!

  6. They’re very good notebooks but right now, I’m not buying French.

    (Did clicky-clickies though)

  7. Michael,

    The notebooks that get imported to the US aren’t the real thing – the paper’s been pastuerized.

  8. If people don’t click you should get pop-ups!