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University of Colorado regents reviewed a report which concluded “sex, alcohol and drugs” were used as “recruiting tools” to lure high school football stars, three-fourths of whom didn’t meet the minimum academic standards required for non-athletes. Then the board endorsed football coach Gary Barnett and university president Elizabeth Hoffman. From the Washington Post:

As the university’s Board of Regents met to review an investigative report on the school’s recruiting scandal, board chairman Peter Steinhauer said, “This crisis has proven that we have great leadership . . . including the coaches, the chancellor and our president.”

. . . After accusations of sexual abuse committed by members of the school’s football program came out last winter — at least nine women have reported being raped by CU football players or recruits — Barnett was suspended from his job, with pay.

The coach makes $1.6 million a year.

Regent Jerry Rutledge said, “If you want a scapegoat for our recruiting problems, look in the mirror.” Who’s supposed to look in the mirror? The regents?

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  1. This case and the comments around it strike me as some of the most bonehead stuff I’ve ever read.

    A university has to do something to encourage young women to chase after athletic young studs? You cannot stop young women from drinking, drugging and partying with male athletes at the point of a gun.

    There is nothing any university can stop do to stop this, short of altering human nature.

    The problem is that the women’s studies department is encouraging those same young women to take vengeance against the men they party with when resentment and guilt kick in. Or when the parents find out. Or when the boyfriend finds out.

    You’re on the wrong side one this, Joanne. The status of an athlete at a major university is just below that of a rock star. I was a touring musician when I was a kid. The line of young women at the stage door and in the parking lot was ten deep. We weren’t pursuing them. We had to hire security to keep them away.

    This is an example of feminism gone nuts and a total abdication of common sense. The University of Colorado isn’t using partying as a recruiting tool. The women are volunteering gleefully. The bizarre, convoluted idiocy of feminism is just the old religious moralism in another guise.

  2. Walter Wallis says:

    I have always wanted to be on a committee of the obvious, especially one with an unlimited credit card for “necessary” expenses. One of those $1000 omelets might help understand the problem.

  3. Come on Joannie, lighten up. You can’t expect a 17 year old to run a 4.4 40 with an erection can you? Football is important.

  4. Well, the issue of Jocks being popular in high school (and perhaps college) isn’t one I was able to obtain, and as such, most of the guys who were jocks in high school and went on to play some college ball haven’t really done very much 20 years after they scored the last TD in high school.

    However, the students who wound up studying their asses off are now M.D.’s, Ph.D’s, lawyers, engineers, IT geeks, etc.

    I guess it pays to study (also, if 3/4ths of the high school jocks couldn’t meet CU’s regular admission standards for NON-athletes, how in the hell did they get admitted in the first damn place)?

  5. I love the way Stephen can turn any issue into a rant against Those Awful Feminists. Points off here, though, for failure to complain about Those Awful White Women.

  6. Ken Two says:

    At the tail end of Easter break my daughter went to CU to visit a friend from high school. She stayed at the sorority house and attended some parties. I was not enthusiastic about the trip, and briefed her on my reasons. She was prepared, already having heard from another friend at Arizona about his roommate who had been kicked out of school for selling drugs, and who had to regularly tip toe around the bathroom to avoid the vomit from the binge drinkers.

    She went, she saw, she’s over it. Her report describes young women flaunting themselves with clothing selections, drinking and attempting to lace others drinks. It’s just like the tv shows that mirror the culture.

    The good part is that our daughter walked away from the peep show confident in her choices and perfectly able to discern the differences; and why she is on another path at another, quite different kind of college.

  7. As to Barnett, I suspect that he (probably like any football coach) takes on the color of the institution. When he was at Northwestern, he found a way to make the tougher admissions standards and the academic competition work for him. But he was ambitious for a national title, something he wouldn’t ever get at NU, and went back to his coaching home where he had a better chance. CU’s booze-and-sex culture was there before Barnett returned, and I am sure he turned a blind eye to some of it, he didn’t invent it. To give him a little credit, he issued a lot of suspensions during his years there, both short and long.

  8. John from OK says:

    On some points I agree with Stephen.

    Male athletes + women = sex. I need not look further than Enid, OK, which has a MINOR league basketball team (salaries are $24,000), and a sizable group of local beautiful young (and I mean YOUNG) women who chase them around. One of the advantages of living in a small town is that you get to hear all the details, and the details involve orgies, etc.

    The rape and assault charges were all DROPPED. Which means, somehow these parties and orgies turned into unsubstantiated assault charges. It is the modern feminists position that all sex involving drugs, alcohol, or women who are prettier than said feminists can be considered as rape. Was any of this sex coerced? Who knows. Did the football players lurk around dark corners waiting to attack innocent victims? No.

    On the other hand, most college football FANS, the indispensable part of that industry, are disgusted by recruiting that involves sex, drugs, and alcohol. At least the ones that I know, some of whom are privy to the recruiting tactics at OU and Oklahoma State. This is one part of the game we could do without.

    However, to prevent Colorado from using illicit entertainment to recruit athletes will put them at a distinct disadvantage against every other D1 team, unless the NCAA makes it clear that this will not be tolerated anywhere. With Oklahoma State the odds on favorite to win the Big 12 this year, and with OU, Texas and K-State also in the mix, Colorado is already looking up hill in 2004.

    Alright, that last sentence might contain some inaccuracies.

  9. Tim from Texas says:

    Sports,college and pro,are our nation’s religion

    Talk nicely of them or you will get bludgeoned

    Dimbulbs, bimbos,and alumni believe in it alike

    No heresy or you’ll get run through with a spike

  10. I wonder how many of the high-schoolers’ parents know exactly what goes on at these recruitment parties. Some athletes, believe it or not, come from nice families who would never countenance drug use and underage drinking for their kids.

  11. Michael says:

    Becky, well said.

  12. Re; high school jocks and success later in life. I can only speak for my high school. Our teams lost only one game in three years in a public school league (no private school pansies on our schedules). The “stupid jocks” mostly went to college, graduated, and are very successful. One is a world renowned heart specialist, another a world renowned biologist with awards up the ying yang, one who was a Division I starting lineman for two years is a hugely successful archetect, and almost all have been big earners in their fields. Our cheerleaders are just as successful with one being the head editor at Time Mag for a while, another was a CIA agent, and a third is in politics. My kids are in schools where the players go Ivy, West Point, Division I etc., and as far as I can see they are heading to success.

  13. Walter Wallis says:

    How can anyone who makes less that 1.6 million dollars a year criticize someone who does?

  14. Superdestroyer says:

    Mr. Veit,

    Anecdotal evidence is no evidence. The numbers show that college male athletes graduate at a lower rate than students as a whole. In addition, if you substract out the elite, white sports such as soccer and Lacrosse, baskerball and football players have a dismal success rate in college.

  15. Jack Tanner says:

    When we used to bring recuits in pretty much if they didn’t get laid you knew they weren’t going to accept a scholarship however if any of them used or indicated they wanted to use drugs they wouldn’t get offered. Too much trouble.


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