The dress of Dr. Moreau

Read Natalie Solent on sewing.

Some of you may be under the misapprehension, which I concede I have not striven to correct, that I like sewing.

In fact I loathe it and perform the hateful act only as a spiritual discipline. Of all the sects of this peculiar practice the most contorted, maddening and repugnant to a free spirit is that branch of self-flagellation known as dressmaking.

I am currently making a dress. But that’s not the worst.

If it were for me I could have quietly left the half-made thing out for the recycling van by now, like Dr Moreau deciding that the result of crossing man and lobster was an idea whose time had not yet come. But once parental guilt enters the arena such easy tactics are unthinkable.

She also mixes concrete.

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  1. Walter Wallis says:

    Not many people, today, know what a flour sack dress is. And, no, I did not mean flower.

  2. Fuzzy Rider says:

    I find sewing very relaxing- I am a Civil war reenactor, and I hand-sew all of my uniforms. It is a great way to veg out after a day of screaming junior high kids…

  3. The great Chicago bluesman, A.C. Reed, died about a month ago.

    Hadn’t known this about him until I read his obituary. He sewed all of his own clothing. A habit left over from a childhood in poverty.

    He said that he learned to prefer doing it himself, because nobody else did it quite right.

  4. We don’t know that Ms. Solent mixes concrete. All we know is that she said she was going to do so and hasn’t posted since. We can only hope that she hasn’t Hoffa’d herself.