Silencing Ode to Joy

Young violinists from a Buffalo charter elementary school weren’t allowed to perform Ode to Joy at the school district’s music competition. Parents say the district music director told them charters aren’t public schools and therefore couldn’t participate. Jay Mathews writes about the ambiguous definition of “public” in the Washington Post.

Last time I checked, the public school system in the United States was designed to serve parents who pay the taxes, and their children. If parents think charters should be considered public schools, and if they like the teachers they find there, then that seems to me to be that.

Legally, charter schools are public schools, even if they’re run by independent boards and not by the local school district.

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  1. Mad Scientist says:

    Well, well, well. This is just part of the ongoing attempt of the Buffalo teacher’s union to kill charter schools. The flap was that they hadn’t “registered” and were ineligible to play. The problem was that noone told them thay had to register.

    Funny that the Buffalo School District funds the schools, and wants more of them because they are among the few schools in the district that actually have results.

    It’s the teacher’s and administrator’s UNIONS that are so adamantly opposed to these schools.

    Now waiting for the inevitable onslaught from D.Cooper on why I’m blind to the good “work” unions do.

  2. Richard Heddleson says:

    The charter schools should object to the religious music being played in the public schools.

  3. Insufficiently Sensitive says:

    If the charter schools have to tolerate the political religion of any teacher’s union that exists within 40 miles, they can jolly well tolerate music written by non-atheists.

    After all, it’s some of the very best music.

  4. A friend of mine was fired from a Waldorf school for teaching her class of fledgling musicians to play, “Drunken Sailor.”

    It didn’t quite fit their, uh, repertoire.

  5. Haha, we sang “Drunken Sailor” in elementary school! I won’t embarrass myself by saying how old I was before I realized the teacher had invented the verse about “Lock him in a room with Michael Jackson” … and this was around the time “Bad” came out…

  6. nobody important says:

    What a small-minded, mean-spirited jerk, union or not.