Photo-phone bullies

Scandinavian bullies are using their camera phones to humiliate classmates.

Incidents of bullies taking pictures in changing rooms or swimming pools and later ridiculing classmates with the images, as well as other intimidating uses of the phones has become widespread in (Norway’s) schools.

The Norwegian teachers’ association has called for a ban on camera phones; Danish teachers want to teach children to use the technology responsibly. Yeah, that’s going to happen.

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  1. Sadly, much technology is anappropriate for younger students. Most computer technology is wasted in the lower grades, yet we are convinced that unless we dump millions of dollars on obsolete equipment and added staff to maintain the stuff, Jack and Jill will be stunted.

    Let’s not give them one more toy to be distracted by.

    Just a rant maybe, brought on by the posted example.


  2. As if regular cell phones aren’t bad enough in classes…

  3. Fuzzy Rider says:

    There are devices that scramble cell phone signals, though they are illegal in the US (though I’m told they can be purchased on the internet)- maybe that law needs to be changed so that “privacy zones” can be established.

    The shame of it is that it is such a small percentage of cell phone users that are causing the problems

  4. I doubt the scrambler would work with the camera part of the phone.

  5. How about a really radical suggestion: punish the bullies.

    The administrators don’t even have the excuse that there’s no proof in these cases.

  6. If they are taking pictures of the weaker kids without clothes on they could be prosecuted for child pornography.