Lucrative love

Australia may be even crazier than the U.S. A teacher fired for an affair with a teen-age student won $28,000 (Australian) for the “psychological damages” he suffered when he was dismissed.

Arbitrator Bruce McManamey said he was not satisfied Mr. Sinclair had “engaged in serious and wilful misconduct” at the time he was alleged to have formed a relationship with a 15-year-old student.

Jeff Sinclair was head of English, a married father of three and 33 years Nicki Shackle’s senior when the affair began two years ago at a Sydney high school.

Sinclair claims they didn’t have sex before the girl turned 16. The couple now lives together.

Dean Esmay says all the weird news comes from Down Under. I’ve got a question about vodka-flavored ice cream. Vodka has a flavor?

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  1. “[D]idn’t have sex until the girl turned 16”?

    Oh. That makes everything okay.

  2. Richard Brandshaft says:

    I assume 16 is the age of consent in Australia. What we have is a teacher fired for an “offense” that was never proven.

  3. “I assume 16 is the age of consent in Australia. What we have is a teacher fired for an “offense” that was never proven.”

    So what? A teacher doesn’t have a “right” to his job, even though teachers unions routinely claim otherwise. I’d say cheating on your wife with one of your students is more than enough reason to fire a teacher.

    Now I’ll agree that he shouldn’t be imprisoned unless the state can prove he actually broke the law. But an employer doesn’t have an obligation to refrain from firing everyone who didn’t break the law.

  4. The age of concent for a teacher/student relationship in Australia was 17, it has now risen to 18. The mind boggles!!!

  5. I’m Australian and am quite familiar with the school where this incident occured, let’s just say that I am quite informed about the school.` Jeff Sinclair is actually a lovely man, and what many people don’t realise is that they are still living together and Nicki is happily attending university as a normal student, the man she’s with doesn’t make her “abnormal”.

    And as for Australian legislation, you’ll find there is swift and immediate punishment for any inappropriate behaviour. This case had extra normal circumstances attached to it.

    With this in consideration, I’d rethink your judgement of the quality of both Australian legislation and teachers.

  6. Tut Tut Mel,

    The girl may well be “normal” however, the teacher is a looser.


  1. Dean's World says:

    Crazy Ozzies II

    Like I said, all the weird news comes from Australia. Well all right, not all of it, but crikey…….