Growing pains

An Arizona teacher has won an injunction against a student who cursed her every day in class. The 15-year-old boy has been ordered to stay away from the reading teacher in school and out.

In (Elizabeth Anne) Moore’s case, she first complained to school officials on March 18. The student was placed in a three-day after-school detention program, but the behavior continued. On April 7, the same day she filed for the injunction, Moore filed a new complaint with the school and the student received a five-day suspension and was not allowed back into her classroom when he returned to campus.

“I am sexually harassed and abused by his vulgar language and unable to protect my other students from him,” Moore wrote in her complaint. “His father tells me he cannot control [his son].”

The father ascribes his son’s misbehavior to growing pains, says the Christian Science Monitor.

“He’s a growing child,” (Reyes) Cavazos said. “He’s going through the typical teenage years. You know, he has good days and bad days.”

When parents shrug off their children’s misbehavior, the kids grow up to be real pains.

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  1. The dad thinks the behavior is typical. Does it occur to him that his son is the only child that the teacher has had to get an injunction against? “You know, he has good days and bad days.” That’s how people talk about a relative with mental illness.

  2. Walter Wallis says:

    If the kid pulled that on my wife or a daughter of mine, he would have a bad day. Several.
    A society that cannot protect women against assault has lost its legitimacy.

  3. At least the dad is in the picture. Thinks about how many young men are growing up with a father not in the daily picture.

    The quote from the CSM article that reveals how broken the system is:
    Since the mid-1970s, handing out a suspension or expulsion has become difficult. In a landmark case, the Supreme Court ruled that students were protected by the 14th Amendment and couldn’t be denied a public education without due process. In the New York school system, the form required to start a suspension is 100 pages long.

  4. Walter Wallis says:

    Liz – then the kid should be sent to the Supreme Court for his education. The alternative is for the teacher to take disability retirement because of an abusive work environment, sue for enough for both her and her lawyer to live a life of ease and then give the town bully ten bucks to beat the crap out of the kid, and twenty more for his dad. Sheesh!

  5. A friend of mine, who’s also a GTA had a problem with this with one of her Expository Writing 2 classes. The response of the head of the writing program was to start an investigation into the teacher’s abilities, and to pull her from that class and replace her with someone that the writing program GTA committee felt could handle a problem class. What is a teacher supposed to do when they don’t get support from those that are supposed to support them? I certainly have lost confidence in our mutual boss’s ability to stand up to bullying students. I pray I don’t have any similar problems. I may quit and say to hell with the tuition waiver.

  6. Walter Wallis says:

    Holly – see my suggestion, above.

  7. I have a better solution to discipline problems in classrooms. The idea of compulsory school attendance is moronic, allow the kids who want an education to show up, the ones who don’t WANT an education can stay home, get into trouble, etc.

    At least the ones who show up to class will have a fighting chance to obtain an education.

  8. Walter Wallis says:

    Bill for President.

  9. I can see Bill’s slogan now “No well behaved child left behind”

    For what it is worth, I agree that children should be able to not attend school if they so chose and the schools should be able to excercise due process in such a way that the child has a chance to present their side but the school can still preserve the learning environment for those who want to learn.

    As an aside, my son was suspended from pre-school bacause of his behavior. He deserved it. Unfortunately he likes to test the limits and they were not able to handle that where he was. My daughter went to a private school that imposed a lot more discipline and we are going to try the private school next year. I think it will work better but we will have to wait and see. I do wish we could send him to a public school that had a little tighter discipline but I understand that you can’t be all things to all people and the school he was in does a wonderful job with most of the kids.

  10. andursonne says:

    At the beginning of every school year, they should empty out one school and then over the course of the year send all the abusive jerks to this one school that has significantly strict rules and procedures. Perhaps the school can be renamed “San Quentin”.

  11. Walter Wallis says:

    andursonne for vice president!
    Now I can sleep.

  12. Anonymous says:

    As was stated: “Bill for President”

    Let us also have the understanding that there should not be any “income equality” programs for these bozos later in life.


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