Today, I drop my car at the repair shop. Last week, while the car was parked at the library, some bozo backed into it and then drove off. I didn’t see it myself, but two witnesses went out of their way to try to get the license number; unfortunately, they didn’t get the whole thing, and the police can’t match what they came up with. So the bozo — 60ish gent in a late-model Camry — gets away scot-free and I’m stuck paying the $500 deductible. I was afraid the repairs would be $499, but nothing is that cheap anymore. Undenting the car will cost $1,300.

Yesterday, I finally got two checks that I was owed for freelance work. They totaled $450. I am not a happy camper.

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  1. John from OK says:

    Is your house in Palo Alto not worth something like $2,000,000,000,000? How could anyone have a long face in your town?

  2. LibraryGryffon says:

    Library parking lots would seem to be dangerous places. Three years ago an elderly woman hit the accelerator instead of the brake when backing up and hit the side of our car just in front of the passenger-side rear wheel. She also pushed our car into the one next to it. Her car had a small dent in the bumper. The car we were pushed into got some red paint on its already old and dented door, and you had to look really closely to see what damage was new.

    Our car needed over $3000 to repair, including a new door and a new bumper (not to mention the $1000+ of rental fees). The driver in question is very unhappy that her insurance rates have gone up. I’m afraid that I’m not really sympathetic.

  3. M. J. Wise says:

    At least you weren’t hit in a CHURCH parking lot. I’ve witnessed no less than two ‘hit n runs’ in such places. People are wonderful, aren’t they? Makes you wonder why they even bother with church in the first place.

  4. Bob Diethrich says:

    MJ’s point about church lots is great. I once had a great priest who said, “I don’t know what to say at the end of mass; ‘Go in peace to love and serve the Lord’ or ‘Gentlemen start your engines!'”

  5. Isn’t that the miracle of confession? God absolves you for your sins in heaven, which apparently means not having to address their repurcussions here on Earth.

  6. John from OK says:

    Actually Kyle, in Christianity, the commandment “love thy neighbor as thy self” requires at least an attempt at restitution to those you have sinned against.

  7. And, in addition to what John from OK said, Christians are commanded to “do good to all (men)”. So, in that spirit, I have donated to PayPal. But, JJ has done a good thing first, by keeping her focus on common sense educational approaches, skewering the fads that do so much harm, and reminding us all that every kid needs a chance.

  8. Walter Wallis says:

    Palo Alto houses make happy heirs. JJ and I hope against hope our offspring [offsprung in her case] will miss us enough to dampen the enjoyment of our money. It is abashing to acknowledge that, in many years, your house earns more money than you do.
    But, yes, give JJ money.

  9. And if you’re talking catholic sacramental confession, confession only absolves you from eternal punishment, ie, Hell. There’s still temporal punishment, which must be cleared up with penance done here on earth, or, failing that, in purgatory after you die.

  10. How Would Jesus Drive? would make a great sermon.

  11. or bumper sticker

  12. greeneyeshade says:

    jim, jon: err, didn’t arianna whatzerface try that a year or 2 ago and pretty much get laughed out of court? (and serve her right, too.)

  13. At least the guy only hit ONE car. I saw a guy once hit TWO parked cars to try and get a parking space. There were two other people hoping for the spot, so he rushed to pull into the spot first and dented the car on his left. Then he had to straighten out his car in such a way that he didn’t pull his nose out of the space and risk letting one of the others take it, and in the process he hit the car on his right. And then he got out and walked away.

  14. You might want to talk to the body shop and explain your position.
    A while back I had to have a windshield replaced and found the quotes from the insurance-company-approved shops were all very high but only barely higher than my deductable. When I went back to them to explain that I would be paying out of pocket, they came back with quotes that were literally half or less of the original soak-the-insurers rate.