‘All my friends have been killed’

The school bus stopped to pick up a girl. Then the bomb exploded. Here’s the Guardian story on the terror attacks in Basra:

At 7.13 am the schoolgirls inside, aged 14 and 15 and dressed in black uniforms with white headscarves, had been on their way to Al Amjad intermediate school for girls when a Chevrolet saloon drove past.

The car would have attracted little attention as it approached the station’s front gate. Seconds later it blew up, flinging a fireball of metal and other debris across the street.

The girls, who had been waiting for a classmate to clamber aboard, stood little chance. Their minibus and another taking younger children to kindergarten was incinerated.

“I saw a minibus full of children on fire,” said Amin Dinar, whose house was next to the scene. “Fifteen of the 18 passengers were killed and three badly wounded. I looked around and saw my leg bleeding and my neighbour lying dead on the floor torn apart.”

Only one girl, Ala’ Muhamad, 15, who was about to board the bus, escaped the fireball. “I had just left the house,” she said. “I opened the door and went out. I could see the bus. I found myself flying in the air and falling on the ground. I saw fire and smoke. It was a huge explosion. I couldn’t get up again.”

Shivering, shaking and weeping, she said: “I can’t believe all my friends have been killed. I’m the only one left.”

The suicide bomber must have seen the school buses and chosen to kill those children.

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  1. If Dante were alive today, he’d need to create another circle in Hell for people like this.

  2. My three step plan:

    1. Find the people responsible.

    2. Make sure.

    3. Kill them.

    Things like this take me beyond any attempt at argument or reconciliation.

  3. How dare little girls want to go to school.

  4. Walter Wallis says:

    Deny them a voice, so that all they say to the world is death. Then lay blame also on the appologists for their acts. Demand [don’t just ask] that Islam be in the forefront of those who track down and kill these devils.

  5. It’s going to be a very long struggle, well after we leave Iraq and not of our choosing. Much more than 20 years.

  6. Richard Brandshaft says:

    That requires people on the ground, which is to say it requires money. Against monsters like this, George Bush will defend the country by any means short of actual spending.

    Walter Wallis,
    Why do you expect Islam to purge its own monsters? Christianity didn’t; the West developed the secular state and took its power away. Even today, it took the secular authorities to get the Catholic church to stop putting child molesters in charge of children.

  7. I notice no one has claimed credit. I am not trying to defend this crime, but home made explosive devices have a well known tendency to go off accidently. Even if it was an accident, that does not make it less horrible.

  8. Suppose that American and European intellectuals had directed less outrage against President Bush and against Israel, and more against terrorists. Might not the political dynamics in Iraq, and in the whole Middle East, be different? Might not there be less terrorism if there weren’t so many people eager to explain and excuse it?

    There are many professors, journalists, and “celebrities” who have the blood of these children on their hands. Some day, they will be remembered in the way that we now remember the minions of Vichy.

  9. An accident? … perhaps. But might not this glorious martyr have thought that the innocent young girls he murdered would be part of the harem of virgins he would receive in Paradise for his heroic deed against those who consort with the evil Satan?

  10. Walter Wallis says:

    Richard Brandshaft, I hope you do not teach history, or anything else for that matter. Christianity did indeed purge itself, and continues to do so every day. “The West” is, like it or not, a logical extension of only one overfaith, the Judeo/Christian. Saddamite Iraq was actually a good example of a secular/Islamic state. And the secular state here has put just as many children into the charge of pederasts as did the Catholic Church. Ask Ellie Nesler.

    “…George Bush will defend the country by any means short of actual spending.”

    You accuse George Bush of not spending? Give me a hit on what you’re smoking.

  11. I prefer the term “murder-suicide bomber.” The connotation fits the stereotype of murder-suicide perpetrated by an adolescent or post-adolescent with emotional problems, who wants to go out in a blaze of glory rather than weather the crisis. The fact that someone else has managed to harness this impulse doesn’t change the nature of the act.

    BTW, has anyone else noticed that “crusade” and “jihad” are essentially synonymous?

  12. Matthew Goggins says:

    The coalition will defeat the Islamo-fascists. We won’t let them seize power in Iraq. President Bush has been bold in pursuing them. I’m grateful for his leadership.

    I can’t even think about how the families of all these kids must be reeling from this horrible massacre.

  13. But… But… Michael Moore said that these guys were just patriots, the same as American Minutemen!


    Surely he couldn’t be wrong, right? Obviously, these girls were just tools of western oppresion.

  14. I was almost ill when I read that Michael Moore quote.

  15. nobody important says:


    The struggle has already been going on for decades. We just didn’t notice.

  16. These girls — and a bus full of kindergarteners and dozens of adults who happened to be walking by — were killed as part of a series of five suicide bomb attacks in front of police stations in Basra. It was not an accident.

  17. In responds to Richard Brandshaft’s remark that
    That requires people on the ground, which is to say it requires money. Against monsters like this, George Bush will defend the country by any means short of actual spending.

    I can understand being opposed to the war in Iraq but Richard is the first person I have ever heard complain that President Bush is not spending any money fighting the war. Some might complain he is not spending enough and others claim he spends too much but to claim that the amount we are current spending is “…short of actual spending.”, is beyond belief.

  18. Michael Moore says:

    It is regretable that those girls had to die, but remember what Lenin said about breaking eggs to make an omlette.

    Remember Bush is the biggest threat to world peace not these brave men fighting against an invading army. I have talked to at least a dozen people in Europe who have said this.

    Don’t lose sight of the big picture. It does not matter how many school busses are incinerated it only matters that Bush is defeated in November!

  19. Jack Tanner says:

    “…George Bush will defend the country by any means short of actual spending.”

    I mean WTF is $87B?

  20. Anyone else disgusted by this tripe? Grow up. This isn’t the sixties anymore.

    It isn’t a sin to want to learn to read and write. These little girls aren’t eggs to make an omlette; they’re part of the future of that society, and it takes a real coward to fear the future.

  21. micheal moore,
    Please, please, please go away. “not these brave men fighting against an invading army. ” These are NOT brave men. They are hold outs of a terrible regime that is dying and grasping at straws to stay in power.
    And let’s remember Lennin, who set the stage to murder millions of his fellow countrymen and women. Comrades indeed!
    It is one thing to stand and fight soldier to soldier, then to realize that the battle is lost and it is over and to not go on, and on and on. Let’s murder lots of people so that the people will give up and let us be in power! Hurray for our side!
    Micheal Moore, will you sing the same tune when the bomb goes off on your street?
    Please, just go away.

  22. Walter Wallis says:

    Yes! Holly, explain to these people just who fears an educated people.

  23. Michael Moore says:

    Hey Bob:

    A bomb has gone off on my street! Or didn’t you remember Well almost. The planes hit the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan and I live in the Upper West Side in a luxury apartment. But my daughter goes to private school a few blocks closer to ground zero, and that had me worried. I guess you don’t care.

    Haven’t you seen my movies or read my books? Bush is the most incompetant, evil president we have ever had. He started this war just so his old oil buddies and Halliburton could get the oil and rebuilding contracts! How blind can you be? This has nothing to do with establishing democracy in Iraq!

    Those poor soldiers over there are suckers, fighting and dying for Bush and Cheney’s stock portfolio, that is why I have two of my bravest employees over there getting interviews with some of them and how they really feel about the war. You would not believe how bad the morale is over there. My guys have actually gotten ten or twelve guys to complain on camera!

    As I said, I don’t like the killing of school children but if they have to die then so be it. Likewise I don’t really like even tacitly cheering for the deaths of American servicemen, but hey, if it gets the job done and gets Bush out of office then it will be worth it.

    BTW: Don’t forget my new movie “Farenheit 9/11” will be out this summer!



  24. I hope the real Michael Moore has a few molecules of gray matter. Sincerely. No one can be as bad as that, can they?

  25. You ever actually read Michael Moore’s site? Yes, he is that bad.

  26. Kiriaioulia says:

    Michael Moore,
    As I look at the world, I am thankful that we have President Bush in office. I can only imagine what Mr. Gore would have done had he been in office, and what kind of a country we would be living in now. I imagine that it would be one where we would have weekly “duck and cover” drills as the country had to once in its not so distant past. Its brave men like our current President who take a stand AGAINST evil to give us a reason to see hope in a peaceful future. Why must you go against it and create the unrest and unease with your propaganda? Honestly, how can you see straight with all that spin?
    You say, “so be it” to lives lost? Those girls didn’t die because of education. They died because of someones lack of an education. (Or the Propaganda that the Homicide Bomber fell for to do such an awful thing.) Our soldiers are there proudly standing up in the hopes of giving the Iraqi people a chance to have the same kind of freedom that you and I have. They believe in the vision, and see hope in the future. Perhaps you can clear the hate from your eyes and see the same thing they see.
    As far as your up and coming (fictional) movie –I hope you wont be a hypocrite and make money off of the victims of 9/11 (like you have accused President Bush of doing). Maybe you should donate all of that money to the Defense of Homeland Security in their memories. Just like you should have done with your money from your fiction on Columbine. Did you give any money to the family memebers of those lost in Columbine — I bet not.
    Please, take Bob’s adivce, and just go away!

  27. The Michael Moore who’s posting has listed an email address that starts with “Iamafatstupidtalentlessmoron.” I’m just guessing it’s not the real Michael Moore and that “Iamafat…” is being sarcastic.

  28. Richard Brandshaft says:

    Walter Wallis,

    OK, here’s a hit of what I’m smoking:

    We aren’t *really* at war. We are somewhere between tit-for-tat retaliation (that didn’t work) and a real war. I was born in 1941. That means I don’t remember WW II, but I do remember people talking about it as recent history. If you know anyone old enough to remember WW II, ask them about civilian life during wartime.

    I don’t mean we should reinstate the draft and rationing. It isn’t necessary this time. But:

    FDR rallied the nation.

    In difficult times, JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you…”

    Remember just after 9/11? Remember how angry and pumped up we were? It’s up to the President to focus that energy. We can’t each buy a rifle, go over to the Mid-East, and shoot a terrorist. Wars aren’t won that way.

    George Bush told us to “win” the war by going about our normal lives. Then he called for a tax cut.

    Enough of philosophy. Some specific results of “any means sort of actual spending” (by the way, I stole that phrase from a cold war Herblock cartoon):

    –We are at least a year behind a full war schedule. By now, Afghanistan and Iraq should be relatively pacified and we should be working on Iran and The Sudan.
    –We are in danger of loosing the peace in Afghanistan and Iraq because Bush simply didn’t put enough men on the ground to make it clear who was in charge. In Iraq, in particular, Bush was warned. He reacted by effectively firing the General who warned him.
    –Soldiers are loosing limbs because humvees aren’t adequately armored.
    –Soldiers are asking people at home to buy better body armor and send it to them.
    –Common sense should be telling us to destroy North Korea’s, Iran’s, and Pakistan’s nuclear programs by any means necessary. Why wait until after a 9/11 with nukes?
    –The list of things left undone at home is endless. From the large (securing vulnerable facilities) thru the medium (reforming the FBI) to the relatively small (what happened to those trusted flier IDs?).

    What has been done is to allow Ashcroft to follow his natural inclinations and trample over individual rights. That’s cheap enough.

    All this so Bush’s short-sighted, greedy, rich friends can pay less taxes. We seem to be waiting until AFTER a 9/11 with nukes to get serious.

  29. Matthew Goggins says:

    Richard Brandshaft,

    You raise some interesting questions about our tempo of operations in the War on Terror.

    Before the September 11 massacres, our approach had been: talk tough, do almost nothing, and hope the problem will fade away by our not paying too much attention to it.

    Afterwards, we decided to take the fight directly to the Islamo-fascists. We intensified our pursuit of terror cells and their money, we deposed the Taliban and smacked Al-Qaeda on the head, and we deposed Saddam Hussein. Now we’re trying to establish a liberal democracy in Iraq.

    Should we be doing more, or less, or do we have it about right so far? That’s the big question, and it’s a hard judgement call.

    One argument in favor of Pres. Bush’s relatively limited tempo is that this war has a large element of trial and error built into it. If we try to do too much too soon, then our enemies will unite against us and our friends might be scared off, and we might become overwhelmed.

    If we can successfully transform Iraq, then the pressures on the Syrian and Iranian regimes will become unsustainable. Once Iran and Syria tumble, even the Saudis will have to reform or perish. And at that point, the war will have been largely won. So maybe some patience is called for.

    As for a lack of body armor and vehicle armor, I hope the Pentagon has its act together. If they don’t, or if they don’t have enough money, then heads should roll.

  30. "Not the real Michae Moore" says:

    Hey All

    I am the occasional contributor to this board who has been posting as Michael Moore. I am pleased that my satire was so good that some people believed it. It was only a joke and I do hope some people were not offended. If any were I apologize.

    As Joanne pointed out the “email address” I gave indicates how I feel about him. And as someone else pointed out, his real stuff is almost as bad as my fake stuff.

    Truth to be told: I hate Moore and everything he stands for.


    “Not the real Michael Moore”

  31. Walter Wallis says:

    The North Vietnamese general in charge of the military campaign that finally drove the U.S. out of South Vietnam in 1975 credited a group led by Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry with helping him achieve victory.
    The enemies of the United States read Giap’s book.
    Anyone who thinks that wars have schedules probably says other inane stupid things, too. Wars have goals, and they also have enemies who try to keep you from your goals. If you have a schedule to attack three days, then rest one, just when will the enemy hit you?
    HumVees are not and do not pretend to be armored vehicles. We have Bradleys, Strykers and Great Big Heavy Tanks for that.
    As for body armor, two answers;
    1. A Pansy-Assed Clinton general thought it was more important for the army to have matching berets than to have state-or-the-art body armor.
    2. We could not buy more body armor until we made sure that the manufacturers had a sufficient number of women, minority, dislexic homosexual midgets on the payroll.
    We correctly defer to South Korea on overt anti-North acts. Kim practices close to the belt strategy with the worls’d largest collection of artillery, probably armed with chemical agents, and troops fed with the food Clinton traded for assurances that the NK nuclear project was shut down. We are making remarkable progress when you consider how many officers resigned rather than accept the contemptuous treatment from the Clintons. Every general we have now had to pass, at least once, Hillary’s muster. WE are lucky to have any fighters left.
    We can never protect our homeland by fencing the enemies out – we need to fence them in.
    As for the rest, Ashcroft’s pnly assault on civil rights has been the right of camramen to photograph a bare tit statue behind him.
    Bush has indeed failed. He should have fired every one of the treacherous, traitorous incompetents holdovers from the previous administration before he hung up his coat. He should then have ordered an audit to see which ones of them were getting Red China, NK or Islamoil bribes to put sand in our wheels.
    And on the second day….

  32. To all who read these…

    I have heard on both campuses that I’ve attended (for BA and my ongoing MA)the same things in the fake Michael Moore’s posts. It’s not satire to some people. Some sick people believe that the USA is evil to try to pursue those who are purposely murdering children in their bombing attacks.

    Whether or not we are at war, or at retaliation, or whatever anyone wants to call it, we are not the evil ones here, and to hear people–professors who should be grateful for the freedom to say what they think–say that we are makes me want to cry for our country.

  33. Walter Wallis says:

    Holly, the solution is to call them down on it and refuse to allow them to use their position to proselitize or seduce. Stop the class until they apologize. Call the department head or the dean into the classroom, describa as accurately as you can what he said and demand it not happen again. In the unlikely event that the statement is relevant to the subject, just keep pulling the why daddy until he is saved by the bell.