A boob and his tube

TV addiction can be deadly, says Kimberly Swygert. She links to a story about a Florida 17-year-old arrested for trying to hire a hitman to kill his mother. Police say he told the hitman to spare the family television.

Tipped by an informant that (Carlos) Chereza had offered to pay to have his mother killed, an undercover detective posed as someone willing to do the job, Fort Myers police said.

Chereza offered the detective $2,000 that he expected to inherit from his mother’s bank account, and gave him the keys to the family apartment, a map of the apartment and a picture of his mother, the police report said. He asked that the shooting be made to look like a burglary, it said.

“Carlos stated that he didn’t want anything to happen to the television,” the detective wrote in the arrest report.

The TV is fine, and so is Mom. Carlos is facing charge of soliciting first-degree murder.

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  1. PJ/Maryland says:

    Obviously someone has been watching too much television!

    This may relate to a discussion we had a week ago (or so); it sounds like this kid is not used to thinking about the results of his actions. Realistically, he wouldn’t be able to get a hit man for $2k (unless the hitman was another unthinking teen); also, I think a real hitman would want some of his pay upfront, and wouldn’t rely on getting paid afterwards when the kid inherits his mother’s bank account. (How was the kid going to pay the rent/mortgage, let alone for his mother’s funeral?)

    It would obviously be a mistake to let this kid off with a slap on the wrist. On the other hand, I’m not sure a couple of years in reform school, or in prison, are going to help, either.

  2. He’ll probably be able to watch television in prison, although he may miss his remote.

  3. He hasn’t even been paying attention to the programs on television. He has not watched one (1) wife-in-danger made-for-tv movie, nor has he watched any t.v. crime dramas. In t.v. land, at least, _every_ hitman could be an undercover detective.

  4. All the undercover detectives are either “hitmen” or “lonely girls who want to meet grown men for sex” via the internet.

    And people say it’s a bad thing that dumb people never read newspapers!