A University of California study ((pdf link) is shocked to discover that blacks and Latinos are more likely to be admitted than Asian-American and white applicants with the same qualifications.

The UC analysis used a statistical model in which applicants were grouped into clusters based on their probability for admission, as determined by a slew of academic and demographic characteristics, including grades, SAT scores and parents’ education and income levels, among other factors.

Within each cluster, researchers predicted the number of students who would have been admitted, then calculated the total number of students who were actually admitted. The results were separated by ethnic group.

The results showed that, at most campuses, somewhat fewer Asian students were admitted than was predicted by the model. Also, more black and Latino students — and, in some instances, white students — were admitted than predicted.

The UC Berkeley model, for instance, predicted that 32.6 percent of white applicants would be admitted in the fall, whereas the actual admit rate was 32.1 percent — a difference of 60 students. Among Asian students, the predicted admit rate was 34 percent, but the actual admit rate was 32 percent, a difference of 219 students.

The disparities were larger at Berkeley among black and Latino students. According to UC’s prediction, 14 percent of black applicants should have been admitted, but the actual admit rate was 21 percent — a difference of 121 students; among Latino applicants, 24 percent were predicted for admission, and 27 percent were admitted — a 146-student difference.

Discriminations has more, plus a link to a protest at UC-San Diego, where only about 1 percent of students are black.

Presented by Black Student Union President Stephanie Akpa, the list demanded that the black population of students, faculty and staff at UCSD each reach at least 7 percent to represent statewide demographics.

. . . The demands asked for the termination of black individuals’ “scrutinization, tokenization and eroticization by neutral and partisan entities on campus.”

If students are admitted to the University of California based on statewide demographics, tens of thousands of Asian-American students will have to be turned away. Statewide, 2.8 percent of black high school graduates and 3.8 percent of Hispanics are eligible for UC, compared to 12.7 percent of whites and 30 percent of Asian-Americans.

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  1. Mad Scientist says:

    Can you say: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs”?

    I knew you could.

  2. Ken Summers says:

    “Eroticization”? That’s just weird.

  3. How is this student leader’s proposal going to lead us to the dream of a color-blind America?

  4. Walter Wallis says:

    Statistics are allowed only to prove liberals right, not otherwise. See “Mean Spirited Statistics 101.”

  5. John from OK says:

    The predicted vs. actual percentages for all but Blacks are actually quite close. That suprised me — UC is actually performing as the voters mandated.

  6. Ah, but what are the graduation rates?

  7. YogSothoth says:

    Let me see if I understand this …

    In the 60’s (say) if you were a black guy with as good or better qualifications for a job than a white guy but lost out to him because you were the wrong race that’s bad.

    Today, if you were a chinese guy with as good or better qualitifactions for university than a black guy but lost out to him because you were the wrong race that’s good.

    Why some Asian who has been so treated doesn’t rectify this situation once and for all with a race discrimination lawsuit is beyond me :-P.

  8. Growing up Chinese in America in the ’50s and ’60s I remember my father (PhD Chemistry Purdue ~ 1938) teaching me:

    It was only impact of the war and a professional colleague that enabled him to get a professionally appropriate job in industry in 1938-9 despite his academic qualifications achievements.

    He remembers signs in public parks – “Dogs and Chinese keep out”

    “You will have to be twice as good as anyone else to be perceived as “as good as”

    I read about how in the late 1800s the Chinese reclaimed the swamp land in the Watsonville CA area and made it highly productive, and then were driven out and the now valuable land taken over by others.

    Read about discrimination ( San Francisco area) in the 1800s to early 1900s

    Look at the top or even upper positions in established major American Corporations(not counting business started by and owned by Asians, e.g. dot com era companies)- the glass ceiling lives.

    So why should anyone be surprised by what is going on in UC admissions? Maybe Asians need to adopt other minority’s tactics instead of quietly working hard and trying to earn “success” – scream discrimination at every opportunity and riot ? Do we need an Asian “Jessie Jackson”?
    Nah, that’s counter to our culture.

  9. Independent George says:

    Harvey – I think we Asians need to form an alliance with the International Jewish Conspiracy. We’d be invincible!

  10. Independent George,

    Sign up me! There’s gotta be room on the conspiracy bandwagon!

  11. I meant “sign me up.” Got too excited there!

    Kevin Kusoyama on my site makes Jesse Jackson look like a Republican.

  12. Independent George says:

    On second thought, the combined Asian/Jewish conspiracy probably wouldn’t work. The parents of the conspirators would probably view this as the perfect opportunity to arrange marriages between us – ostensibly to ‘cement the alliance’- but we know it’s really about producing conspiracy grandkids to show off. *sigh*