Stupidity pays

A 17-year-old who jumped off a moving school bus to avoid being punished for fighting is likely to get $200,000 from the Palm Beach school district. Reyna Francisco’s lawyer charged negligent hiring and supervision of the bus driver, who didn’t report a grand theft conviction.

Neither driver Lamenthia Collins’ supervisors nor Florida Highway Patrol investigators blamed Collins for the jump by then-eighth-grader Francisco, and her friend, then-15-year-old Veronica Alonzo. Both were students at Delray Full Service Center, an alternative school for middle and high school students with behavioral problems, and for teen mothers. Francisco is the mother of a 4-year-old boy named Elvis.

The friends had been fighting with another student earlier that day. They pushed through the bus emergency exit and jumped because they were afraid they were being taken back to school to be punished.

The money will cover medical bills for Francisco’s head injuries.

I wonder about the future of Elvis.

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  1. Gee, and it was just earlier today that I posted a link to research suggesting that intelligence might be the factor that affects both wealth and health. $200K to fix this girl’s head won’t do anything to stop her from doing something equally idiotic in the future.

  2. Maybe I’m being dense, but could somebody explain to me how a bus driver lying on her job application absolves the student of responsibility for jumping from a moving school bus?

    I gotta admit, she’s not even a serious contender for an honorable in the Darwin Awards.

    I feel sorry for Elvis, though. With a mother like this, the kid doesn’t have much of a chance…

  3. Jack Tanner says:

    I’m sure the neighborhood crack dealers, liquor store owners and jewelry store owners are anxiously anticipating their chunk of the $200K as we speak.

  4. Can we please change whatever law permitted this moron to get 200K?

  5. D. Cooper says:

    I’d love to see the lawyer on ‘The Factor’, stammering his(or her) way through a grilling from O’Reilly. And the best part is, they do it with a straight face. There’s got to be a course in law school for that. But, Jack hit the nail on the head …. this money will help improve the local economy.

  6. She’ll be voting Democratic i’ll bet

  7. How will this money help the local economy? It’s going from a school district (mixed local and state/federal money) to a hospital (likely owned by a national or international firm). Unless the physical therapists and skull reconstruction specialists are on crack, the local dealers aren’t likely to profit much.

    Plus, the school district settled, so it wasn’t a law that allowed this alleged financial boon for the moron. It wasn’t the work of scary evil lawyers on behalf of the dipshit with the stuntman complex. It was the work of the hired counsel for the district that wants to avoid going toe to toe with scary evil lawyers.

  8. D. Cooper says:

    You might be right Jon (ouch) they may not get any money to spend locally. Unless, of course, the Hospital is near by and some of it trickles down. But, you have forgotten about the lawyers … but lest we cast aspersions on that group, I’ll keep my thoughts to myself on that.

  9. Bill Leonard says:

    This may seem incredibly callous and cruel, but…

    I do not wonder about the future of Elvis. I will bet money that Elvis will enter “the system” as a foster kid, and sooner, rather than later, will be an inmate somewhere. Let us simply hope he doesn’t do too much damage to any bystander, innocent or otherwise, before he gets there.

    Tragic? Yes, it is. But be realistic. Given the ultra-liberal social paradigm that has existed re: these matters for the last 40 years or so, can you really expect anything else?

    And now, of course, I fully expect any number of intellectual and personal attacks by any number of fools who don’t know any better. So do your damnedest.

  10. PJ/Maryland says:

    The scary evil lawyers probably get a third of the money, right? So maybe some of it will trickle down to the local crack dealers. Or cocaine dealers, anyway.

  11. D. Cooper says:

    I was trying to avoid saying that! How dare you suggest such a thing.

  12. Jack Tanner says:

    ‘It’s going from a school district (mixed local and state/federal money) to a hospital (likely owned by a national or international firm). ‘

    No – it’ll come from the schools insurance company. The little plaintiff will walk away with a lump sum settlement and the school will provide insurance coverage for her rehab. She won’t even have to pay the co-pays.