Single-sex schools

It will be easier to create all-male and all-female public schools under new federal regulations. I’m not sold on the educational merits of single-sex schools but I’m happy to see it as an option.

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  1. A school district in my area is going to try some same-sex classes next year. I am interested in what they get actually get out of it. Other than the claimed education merits, they believe that there will be less discipline problems.

  2. speedwell says:

    So, naturally each family has a choice of whether to place their children in the same-sex schools or not, right? Right? Uh, OK… there I go being idealistic again, shame on me.

  3. Well, do they necessarily have to be same sex schools? Why can’t they have same sex classes in a co-ed school? Some classes like art music or pe would be co-ed.

    I’ve long believed that the biggest mistake we make when kids go off to middle school and high school is funneling them into even larger schools. If a middle school consisted of at most ten teachers and maybe 100 kids I think the discipline problems and bullying would not be as much of a problem.

  4. JimInNoVA says:

    I think PE is the first class they’ll seperate. We can’t have male students crushing female self-esteem by looking at them in gym uniforms.

  5. I thought we dismissed the concept of “separate but equal” years ago…

  6. Dave Dahlke says:

    Maybe, just maybe, things can revert back to past where they were better. We can only hope but I will not be holding my breath.

  7. Sandy P. says:

    So they want to spend money they don’t have toreconfigure.

    It’s never their fault, is it?

  8. D. Cooper says:

    The problem with schools that are too small is the ability to offer a variety of courses because of the limited class size. This ability would be further limited if same sex classes were attempted. Exceptions of course could be made in those cases. In any event the competition between the sexes acedemically would be very interesting to say the least. There’d have to be two separate honor rolls (male/female) lest the unified one be void of a particular sex!!

  9. I have taught in a an all-girls high school for the past 2 years and it has completely converted me to single sex secondary schools. I know all the arguments for and agianst but all I can say it that these girls get the very best education possible and a lot of it is down to not having boys around then for these vital few hours a day.

  10. JimInNova,

    PE is absolutely the first class that ought to be single-sex, and it has nothing at all to do with self-esteem. It has to do with the ability of everyone in the class to participate, develop physical skills, and get some decent exercise, at least as long as the U.S. PE paradigm is still “play team sports for an hour.”

    Rewind to my coed jr high and high school PE classes. The subject: Volleyball. The teams: Coed. The result: Boys play, girls stand around.

    The subject: Softball. The teams: Coed. The result:: Boys play, girls stand around unless they’re batting.

    The subject: Basketball. The teams: Coed. The result: Two-on-two boy games with six girls running aimlessly around unless fouled, at which point they get to make a free throw.

    It is exactly as stupid to have a coed pe class as it would be to throw third graders and tenth graders in the same pe class and make them play on teams.

    Of course, it would be even better if they threw out the damned team sports and educated kids in ways an individual can build fitness: weight training, running, etc. It’s not like I can keep a softball team in my pocket for every time I need to get a little fresh air.

  11. Excuse me for being stunned but I was unaware there was even any such thing as “coed PE.” I was under the impression that they still separated children, at least over a certain age, for at least this one class, for reasons of sheer common sense. But what am I thinking!

  12. Same sex education is being touted for the lack of distractions for boys and girls? I don’t get it. Will they work in separate work forces after graduation?

    Keep this up, and boys will be the benefits of the next generation of affirmative action benefits. And there will be the same series of legal justifications for it.

  13. Margaret says:

    Late posting on this one here, but I thought single-sex education worked really well when I was in high school. It really gave the girls the chance to develop leadership skills without any second thoughts about how it would be perceived by the boys. There was no question as to who would edit the newspaper or yearbook or run for student council offices– the girls were the only ones around and we didn’t have to bother with potentially bruising the egos of potential prom dates. I also had a chance to observe the changes (subtle, but there) when the school went co-ed two years behind me. The younger girls were definitely spending more time fussing over appearances than the juniors and seniors were, and didn’t seem to be stepping up to the plate as automatically as we had.

    I think this is particularly critical in junior and high school, much more so than the lowers grades, since it’s in jr. and sr. high that kids really start wrestling with the “who am I?” questions. The whole “what about after graduation” question is a bit disingenuous, since (hopefully!) the kids are far more mature and have figured out “who I am” by the time college and professional life roll around…

  14. But isn’t there a little teensy problem with the whole “Separate But Equal” idea? I recall a Supreme Court case thingy from about forty years ago that didn’t look too kindly on the idea.

  15. Rita C. says:

    There is a big problem with separate but equal. I think the boys benefit, too — no bazoongas hanging out to distract them from what the ugly old lady is trying to teach them. Sometimes theory and practice are hard to reconcile. It’s all fuzzy!

  16. jessica mullinix says:

    why do they want single sex schools in different districts like pennsylvania and other places let me know now

  17. jessica mullinix says:

    I hate single sex schools and why do they want them some people want to see their boyfriends or their friends than staying ina stupid single sex schools

  18. I think that same-sex schools is an absoulutly horrible idea! It tottaly abolishes everything that we have fought for…equality! I remember grade school, and it was co-ed. We had absoloutly no trubles at all…and there will still be bullies….i mean, girls will bully girls, boys will bully boys. We aren’t accomplishing anything, exept being sexist!

  19. SnoQween69 says:

    Here’s something that everyone seems to have overlooked and I am speaking from first hand experience. First off, I am totally in support of a same sex school and enrolled my daughter in one of the very few “public” schools created to eliminate the “pressure” or distraction from boys in the classroom. BOY WAS I NAIVE. We seem to have forgotten or ignored one simple fact . . . lesbians can have the same negative effect and I don’t mean that in any way against the sexual preference. I have several friends of this persuasion. However, my daughter fell prey to a “girl” whose sexual preference happened to be with “girls” and I can tell you, she put my daughter through hell. She began cutting class to sneak off with this girl who by the way is also hiding her sexual preference from her mother. So, you see it isn’t the “boys” that are distracting them, it’s an involement with an individual at their school. So, I think “same sex” all girls schools can no longer use “boys” in their support of.