How Do the Grits Taste Exam

How many points does a three-point field goal score? University of Georgia basketball players all got A’s on a final exam in assistant coach Jim Harrick Jr.’s Coaching Principles and Strategies of Basketball class. Other questions:

1. What is the name of the exam which all high school seniors in the State of Georgia must pass?
a. Eye Exam
b. How Do The Grits Taste Exam
c. Bug Control Exam
d. Georgia Exit Exam

20. In your opinion, who is the best Division I assistant coach in the country?
a. Ron Jursa (sic)
b. John Pelphrey
c. Jim Harrick Jr.
d. Steve Wojciechowski

Some “student-athletes” didn’t take the final, but got As anyhow, the university admits.

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  1. Walter Wallis says:

    Sounds a lot like the democrat party entrance exam, doesn’t it?

  2. Michael says:

    Sigh. Walter, that’s “Democratic Party.” BTW, I’m impressed: not many people can be gratuitously juvenile that early in the morning.

  3. Honestly, does this really surprise anyone?

  4. Jack Tanner says:

    That was probably one of the harder classes they took.

  5. Speaking from personal experience, though, my P.E. classes at college are usually pathetically easy. If you show up to class and participate in the soccer or dance or whatever the class is, you get an A. The entire point of an exercise class is not to pass a test but to exercise, you know? The finals usually *are* pathetically easy, and oftentimes the professor will give you all the questions in advance.

    I do wonder why they bother giving finals at all, though.

  6. Walter Wallis says:

    Sorry, Michael, I thought I was being kind.
    Now close the lid before sunup.

  7. Jim Thomason says:

    But it wasn’t an excercise class, it was a “Coaching Principles and Strategies of Basketball” class.

  8. Michael says:

    Nice, Walter: first “stupid,” now “vampire.” Good job.

  9. JimInNoVA says:

    I have to admit, my skiing final in college was much the same. The university required at least one “paper trail” exam in every class, so we were given a joke final to produce the requisite paper trail. It counted for about 5% of our overall grade, so the students with a perfect score from the actual skiing portion of the class could just answer “B” down the page and take their A for the course.

    Weight lifting and ballroom dance, otoh, had real finals.

  10. Jack Tanner says:

    When I played we were told specifically not to schedule any classes that interfered with practices or games, were given classes that consisted only of conditioning or playing pick up with the other players in the program, were given sneakers and other clothes as supplies and were advised on friendly classes and profs. I don’t remember anyone ever being suspended or disciplined for academics and whenever there were problems they were ‘worked out’. We had one guy from the Dominican Republic who went to HS in NYC and was taking Spanish 1 but didn’t go to class and was given an A because he could, like speak Spanish. there were a couple of guys who either wanted to concentrate on school or weren’t happy playing and they were advised to transfer to free up their scholarship spot. This was at a much smaller DIV1 school than Georgia so I assume you can extrapolate the problems to the higher level.

  11. What’s really sad is that it isn’t unusual for professors to throw in ‘gimmee’ questions like #20 into their exams. I came across questions like that in many of my classes (non PE ones), and it always annoyed me.

  12. Richard Brandshaft says:

    This is a time honored tradition. When I was in college (1959-1963) one of the engineering students got hold of an exam for a football player’s math class, and a bunch of engineers had a good laugh.

  13. When and where I went to college at a private university known as an “engineering school”, the football team was held to the same academic standards as everybody else, and there were, to my knowledge, no sport scholarships. We fielded a football/basketball/wrestling … teams of engineering, business and arts majors who generally had rather impressive academic credentials. They were there for education in their choosen field and wanted, also, to play intercollegiate sports. Wasn’t that successfull a football team trying to play East Coast Ivy League and similar schools, but the wrestling team kicked a_ _ !

  14. Eric Jablow says:

    And sometimes, the good students actually win a game.
    Consider Jim Harrick Sr. and his most famous basketball loss.

  15. Why this is a surprise is beyond me. Student-Athletes are there to be athletes first, last, and every possible moment in between. Colleges look the other way while nonsense occurs, because the athletes bring in loads of money to the campus. These athletes are exploited financially, physically, and every other way possible.

    I wish I could have been exploited so. These loan payments are awful.

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