Happy anniversary

Ed Driscoll’s blog is celebrating its second anniversary.

My third anniversary was in January. I forgot.

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  1. Congratulations as you march triumphantly into year four! Not noticing the anniversary is merely an indicator of how ingrained the blog has become to your daily routine. Thanks for continuing to provide a reliable voice of reason and reasonableness on education issues.

  2. Thanks Joanne,

    And I’ll second what Charles wrote–congrats on what will be your fourth year!


  3. PJ/Maryland says:

    Happy (belated) blog-birthday to you,
    Happy blog-birthday to you,
    Happy blog-birthday, dear Joooaaannne,
    Happy blog-birthday to you.

    And many mooooooooooore…

    Actually, I don’t know whether Joanne is one syllable or two, which makes the singing harder…

  4. Congratulations! Your blog doesn’t look a day over two years old.

    More seriously, thanks for writing one of the best blogs in the entire blogosphere. You provide a real service.

  5. Happy Blogversary. I still treasure the photo from last year’s San Francisco Blog Bash where Richard Bennett toasted your 2nd blogversary by lighting a swizzle stick in lieu of a candle.