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Recently, I got a check for $5 from a bank I’d never heard of. I had no idea why they were sending me this money, but I deposited it. Then I received another check for $0.22 from the same mystery bank. Apparently, it’s a refund for something I’ve never heard of that appeared on a credit card bill. What bill? I don’t know. But I’m going to deposit it, along with a somewhat larger check that came in. You know what they say: 22 cents here, 22 cents there. It adds up. To 44 cents.

The spam filter also is updated, so I’m hoping that will block the drug and mortgage ads that have been spamming old comments. If anyone spots spam, please let me know.

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  1. Mad Scientist says:

    Today I received a check from a credit cards bank for an account I do not use. Seems there was a class action suit about the time they credit payments. I got a check for $0.41.

    I will try not to blow it all in one place. Or maybe retire early.

  2. You beat me, Mad. My credit card settlement check was for twenty five cents. If I hadn’t hated that company and long ago canceled my account due to their incompetence, I might not have cashed it, but I wanted to make sure they spent that gosh darn quarter on me.

  3. Walter Wallis says:

    You have to read the small print on unexpected checks. Some of them switch your phone service. I have been slammed three times. A pain in the ***.

  4. KimJ,
    Next time you cancel service with a firm where you have a monthly bill overpay them by $ .01. Then they have to generate a check and send it to you. Unless their accounting system is really messed up in which case they will just continue sending you a statement showing you one cent credit balance every month. One wireless company I formerly did business with sent me a statement showing the one cent balance every month for 2 years after I dropped my service. I finally moved, as far as I know they are still sending the statement to my old address.

  5. You might find you have a higher conversion rate on your ads if you place them above the first fold. Maybe at the top of the white space.