Essays for hire

I’ve got a new TechCentralStation column, titled Whose Personal Essay? on the many online services that help college applicants write like a Harvard graduate. Or, at least, like a Harvard graduate who had to take a crummy job rewriting college essays.

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  1. I wonder if the solution would be to have an applicant’s SAT essay available to the college, instead of just the score? This might solve multiple problems — making it harder to cheat by simply purchasing an essay, and perhaps socking it to those who write overly-wordy essays with the intent of getting a high score. Although I suppose it would *really* encourage us slow writers to fake learning disabilities in order to have the opportunity for untimed essay writing.

    Yours truly,
    Jeffrey Boulier

  2. JimInNoVA says:

    LSAT style essays do sound like a good way to go. Give them five topics, make them write on three of them, keep them on file for colleges. Just put the essay portion at the end and eliminate the time limit for everyone. Then all you’ll need is proctors with iron bladders.

  3. Joyce Maynard wrote that she was busily typing away on her daughter’s essay, when the kdi came home and caught her. I’d love to write my son’s for him, but he’s decided to go the GED (“middle class eccentric drop-out”) route.