Easing up

A new flexibility will make it easier for schools to meet the provisions of the No Child Left Behind law. The New York Times reports:

Tomorrow, the Education Department will announce policies relaxing a requirement that says teachers must have a degree or otherwise certify themselves in every subject they teach, (Education Secretary Rod) Paige said in an interview on Friday. Officials are also preparing to offer new flexibility on regulations governing required participation rates on standardized tests, he said.

Those changes would follow the recent relaxation of regulations governing the testing of special education students and those who speak limited English.

Republican governors and legislators have been complaining that the teacher certification rules are impossible for small schools in rural areas.

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  1. Appeasement to terrorists!

    Actually, it’s the sudden realization that firm standards can’t always be adhered to in the real world. NCLB was another zero-tolerance program that had its good parts, but was being held back by the fact that it just doesn’t make sense in every case.

    Now, if only the government could cease its zero-tolerance policies elsewhere….

  2. D. Cooper says:

    Would you like to make a few suggestions Jon? That way we can see if you have your head screwed on straight or not. I can only guess where you’re going with this. Having a severe fear of failure, I’ll not guess and wait.

  3. I think that zero-tolerance policies relating to non-violent sex and recreational drug usage result in greater harm than would occur if the activities were to occur without illegality. If that opinion makes anyone wonder if I am less than sane, so be it.

    And in the case of schools and education, I think that zero-tolerance policies have proven to be idiotic at best. I understand the need to have standards and expectations, but the manner in which the federal and other levels of government down to the district level have gone about making and enforcing those standards makes me suspect that the lunatics are running the asylum.

    We won’t stand for any drugs, so let’s suspend the aspirin pushers!

    We can’t have violence, so those depictions of war cannot be shown and the second grader “artist” needs therapy.

    We cannot have unqualified teachers, so everyone needs a degree. Even teachers in rural Montana schools with thirty students (and good test scores).

    We cannot have discrimination, so just shut up about your values.

    Zero-tolerance is another way of saying “obey”.

  4. D. Cooper says:

    I don’t know Jon … ok in some places, a little bizzare in others … as to wondering if you’re less than sane … I don’t wonder.

  5. Mark Odell says: