A princess in a Cadillac truck

The View from Above spotted this story on the rewards of education for a sophomore in Yorba Linda, California.

The Escalade EXT is a luxury version of another G.M. pickup, the Chevy Avalanche. It has satellite radio, leather seats and a navigation system. I haven’t used the G.P.S. yet, but I will — I get lost easily. I’m going to get custom chrome wheels and rims for it. My favorite brand is Lexani. They’re so nice looking.

. . . When I was 13, I started to think about what kind of car I wanted when I started to drive. I saw an EXT in a music video and thought, “Hey, having a pickup truck is way cuter than having a car.” I started babysitting every week to save money for one. Then I went on the Cadillac Web site and saw how much it cost, and I thought that’s a lot of babysitting. Finally, my parents told me if I got a 3.0 G.P.A. or higher on my report card, they’d buy me any car I wanted, within reason.

. . . I looked out the window and saw a brand new EXT parked in front of the restaurant. It was the color I wanted: “Out of the Blue.” I couldn’t believe it. I was like, “Oh my God, are you serious?” I ran outside in the falling snow, climbed into the truck and sat there for a bit. Then I called my friends back in California on my cell. The whole thing was like a car commercial.

. . . The first time I drove up to the school, about 25 girls came running out to look at it. “That is so cool,” they cried. “We hate you!” It was like a dream come true. I felt like, “Wow, I’m a princess.”


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  1. damn, I made 4.0’s through high school and didn’t get jack. (well, other than a good education…)

    To whom do I apply for my car? I’d actually ask for something cheaper and more practical than a giant stomper Caddy….

  2. Regardless of who pays for it, if you want a truck because it’s “way cuter than having a car,” then you don’t deserve it…

    My GPA was around 3.6 in High school, and I felt fortunate that my parents pitched in a little on my used $1000 Mazda POS… (About 12 years ago…)

  3. I’m having trouble getting the concepts “princess” and “pickup” coupled in my mind..

  4. Hmm, “pickup princess”. This could be a new cultural meme! Or at least a throwaway line in a bad country song.

  5. Independent George says:

    For a 3.0?!!!! We went on the 100-pt. scale in my high school, and I remember getting hour-long lectures for anything less than a 90.

  6. Yorkshire George says:

    Why, in my day, if we got a 3.0, our da’ would thrash us good with ‘is belt, march us outside to weed the yard wit’ our bare ‘ands, then make us go to bed with nothin more than a single moldy slice o’ bread for supper. And by gosh we loved it!

  7. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like a push-your-button fake story. Even if it is true, how are you going to use it?

  8. “pickup princess” could have multiple meanings, too….

  9. In Joe Diffie’s song, “Pickup Man” he says:

    ‘Well, I got my first truck, when I was three
    Drove a hundred thousand miles on my knees
    Hauled marbles and rocks, and thought twice before
    I hauled a Barbie Doll bed for the girl next door
    When she paid me with a kiss I began to understand
    There’s just something women like about a pickup man

    When I turned sixteen, I saved a few hundred bucks
    My first car was a pickup truck
    Started cruising the town and the first girl I seen
    Was Bobbie Jo Gentry the homecoming queen
    She flagged me down and climbed up in the cab, and said
    “I never knew you were a pickup man!” ‘

    Maybe they were after the truck, not him.

    –Jeffrey Boulier

  10. slimedog says:

    I’m having trouble getting the concepts “princess” and “pickup” coupled in my mind..

    Come to Texas–all the princesses drive pickups.

  11. I’m getting a 3.9 in grad school. What do I get to drive? Oh wait, I’m still stuck with my crappy car? Ok.

  12. Nina D. says:

    I’m getting a 3.7 in grad school. What do I get to drive? Oh wait, I’m still stuck with my rusty bicycle? Ok.

  13. I have a pretty strong feeling that this girl isn’t Asian.

  14. Hey, lay off her. Remember, this is 3.0 in the era of grade inflation!

  15. speedwell says:

    Hey, I got four stars on my performance report. What do I get to drive? Oh, wait, I can use the company pickup truck if I need to drive to the other location. And back. Ok.

  16. Sigivald says:

    I wouldn’t call an EXT a truck, anyway. But that’s just my mean, bitter nature.

    (Besides: Think Big. Think G-Class. Piker, she is!)

  17. Robert Schwartz says:

    I read the article and I was insenced at the father. The gift showed extraordinarily poor judgment on his part. Even if he is a very wealthy mand and they live in a very wealthy community where expensive automobiles are commonplace, this one was a particularly bad choice.

    SUV’s (including this one, don’t quibble) are simply harder to drive than conventional sedans. They need to be driven cautiously and defensively and not good vehicles for 16 year olds. Indeed, in my mind it is almost criminally irresponsible to give a child that age complete control over a behometh like this.

    For the same kind of money, assuming that money was the issue, he could have bought her a Volvo S80, which is big and underpowered, but less likley to get her in trouble. And she would be more likely to live to her next birthday.

  18. I got a pick-up when I was 16. I got to haul haybales every morning. Lighten up, folks. She might turn out to be a car designer. A love affair with the vehicle of your dreams is an American tradition, and it’s not a bad one.

  19. Robert Schwartz says:


    Any pick-up you were given more than a few years ago was probably half the size and and a third the horsepower of this monstrosity which weighs 5700 lbs and has a 345 hp. engine. Further you apparently lived in a rural area not a southern CA suburb.

    The problem with the Escalade is not conspicuous consumption (although it is a problem). The problem is that it is not a suitable vehicle for an inexperienced driver. It is far too easy to get into trouble and far too hard to get out of trouble in that SUV.

    Crushes are an adolecent girls perogative. Consumation, is most likely unwise.