Utah, left behind

Utah may reject federal education funds for disadvantaged students in order to avoid having to comply with the No Child Left Behind Act, notes Education Gadfly. Other states are threatening to do the same.

In early 2002, just after it was signed, then Vermont governor Howard Dean urged his state’s superintendent and lawmakers to consider turning down Title I dollars, which he said amounted to far less than they would need to successfully implement the new accountability provisions. Since then, officials in Hawaii, Alaska and Virginia have made noises about dropping out. (Most recently, Virginia lawmakers passed a resolution condemning the provisions, arguing that they hurt Virginia’s own school accountability efforts.) But legislators in Utah this week turned the heat up a few degrees. The education committee of the Utah house voted unanimously to send House Bill 43 — which prohibits the state’s public schools from “any further participation in the No Child Left Behind Act” — to the floor.

Many states are complaining that compliance will cost them more then they’re getting from the feds. Yet few states will opt out of NCLB. Even Utah is negotiating with the feds.

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  1. Maybe that was the Republicans evil plan….wooohahahahahahaha!

  2. Wacky Hermit says:

    Utah is one of the most Republican states around (the local Democratic party has to run ads in the paper basically saying “Democrats: NOT the spawn of Satan!”) so maybe Roux is right…