See me too

When the Multicultural Center asked for more office space at Santa Clara University, white students complained the center was exclusionary. At issue are “See Me” T-shirts that are supposed to encourage students to see (and presumably appreciate) differences. The colored faces are smiling in smiley-face style; the white faces have two eyes and a nose but no mouth. The San Jose Mercury News reports:

“Personally, as a white student, I don’t feel welcome in the MCC,” one student wrote in response to the chat-room question, Should SCU make more space for the MCC? “Those `See Me’ shirts were so racist, with the white faces singled out and made to look expressionless next to the smiling faces of color. Any center that promotes that sort of bigotry should not be a part of this campus.”

It sounds like the multiculturalists have a vision problem. Let’s hope they can hear what their classmates are saying.

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  1. “‘We don’t want to cause anything else, any more ruckus or stratify our university anymore between groups of people. We just want to promote awareness,’ said center director Manuel Perez, a senior from Sacramento.”

    People are aware, Manuel. Believe me, they are. They’re more aware than they ever wanted to be.

    “‘I don’t know the motivation behind those responding to the chat room, but there is always an opportunity for the university to have discussions and dialogue about race,’ Rosenberger said.”

    The motivation is that they are trying to tell you something, Ms. Rosenberger. You don’t have to look any deeper than that.

  2. As a college student, though not at Santa Clara, I can tell you that the opportunity to have discussions is only if you fall into line on the PC beliefs. Of course those comments are anonymous – the students will be vilified when they say them in public, by the administration, professors, and other students.

  3. Wacky Hermit says:

    I get so sick of how “multiculturalism” includes only fashionable cultures. It leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths for true multiculturalism, the “melting pot” of the United States that brings innovation and an appreciation for the causes behind world events.

  4. The Graduate Student study area here was changed to the Minority Student study area a few years back. The black Ph.D. students complained that the room was no longer usable because the undergraduates were too rowdy and were not using the room to study. The room was soon changed to the Minority Graduate Student study area; even though there had never been a problem with capacity when the room was for all graduate students. Once again the black Ph.D. students pointed out how stupid the change was since the change had the effect of segregating the graduate students. The room changed back to just the Graduate Student study area so we can all study together again.

  5. Richard Brandshaft says:

    “I don’t feel welcome”
    “white faces singled out and made to look expressionless”
    Isn’t that just the kind of over sensitivity conservatives complain about when non-whites show it?

  6. Richard – isn’t there some irony that a “politically correct” multicultural center inspires those reactions?

  7. Richard Brandshaft says:

    Yes, but I see the major irony in conservatives embracing whining victimhood when it suits them.

  8. Nah, the real irony is that left-wing wackos can’t seem to tell the difference beforehand.