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Brian posts a beautiful photo of Jewish children with a teacher in Samarkand, 1911.

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  1. Something doesn’t seem right. That’s an awfully good color photograph for 1911.

  2. Richard Heddleson says:


    Check the link at Brian’s to the Library of Congress exhibit. He used a three color process that produced three negatives. They may have also been digitally enhanced to some extent, but it is the real deal. The color and beauty of the photographs are astounding.

  3. It’s part of a larger exhibit. The color process is explained here:
    I recommend the whole exhibit: I bookmarked it years ago and view it every few months, marvelling at what was lost.

  4. Insufficiently Sensitive says:

    Yes, that’s the book that appeared in the 1980s under the name ‘Photographs for the Tsar’. It was an inventory of the Russian Empire, and includes a lot of buildings that have since been knocked down. Well worth reading.

  5. Thanks for this link! I really enjoyed those pictures.

  6. The technique is similar to “Technicolor” movie film, which actually is three strips of high-quality black-and-white film photographed using three color filters.

    An expensive process, but any film ever shot in Technicolor will have the colors last for much, much longer than the current processes which use chemicals and dyes to produce the colors.

    To think that a Russian photographer invented this process a hundred years ago is amazing.

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