Not just a buzzword

“Evolution” is back in Georgia’s proposed biology curriculum. Last week, the state superintendent, Kathy Cox, ordered the word removed because it is “a buzz word that causes a lot of negative reaction.” Cox now says she goofed.

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  1. “Cox now says she goofed.” Maybe she should have stayed awake in science class so she could avoid such goofs, eh?

  2. Cox is still a goof. She thinks that reinstating the word evolution makes up for removing all the standards, K-12, that deal with evolution. It’s a start, but I hope she’ll take the next step to see that the standards related to evolution and natural selection are put back into the curriculum. It’s not enough to include the word, especially when you’ve already gutted the AAAS standards.

  3. Maybe we’ve found the “missing link” in Kathy Cox. The theory of evolution is now proved.

  4. Linda Davis says:

    As a Georgia resident, I must say that I was more embarssed over this edict than anything I can remember in the last 20 years.

    It took the Governor to get us out of this one….

    L. Davis


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