Nannyism without children

Shark Blog points to a bill introduced in the Washington Legislature that would call for the state to distribute pamphlets urging couples to have no more than two children.

I joined Zero Population Growth when I was in high school, and brought home a pamphlet and petition to my parents and three siblings. My mother asked me which of her children should not have been born. “Hey, I’m the second kid!” I said.

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  1. Jack Tanner says:

    It’s working so well in Europe we should definitely try it here. Then we won’t be able to provide for ourselves, defend ourselves or deal with the influx of immigrants needed to provide basic human services. It’s a win-win.

  2. Ummm– yeah, what he said. Aren’t a lot of European countries at this point offering financial incentives to couples for having MORE children? Most countries in Europe have a birth rate that is quite a bit below the replacement level. It has only been the continuing stream of African and Middle Eastern immigrants that have kept the populations from completely imploding.

  3. Isn’t two children per family negative population growth? Particularly nowadays, as more and more people choose not to bear children at all.

  4. This is pretty silly considering that Washington State’s Total Fertility Rate (average # of children each woman will have in her lifetime) is 1.9 (according to That’s below replacement level, and below the U.S.’s 2.06.
    I wonder what kind of reaction there would be if there were a bill which would ‘encourage’ couples to prepare their children for school (ie, know alphabet, numbers), or worse, stay together for their children.

  5. John from OK says:

    I’ll bet $50 that these same people who want zero population growth favor open immigration. Are these ideas contradictory? No, they both make people feel good.

    This from the state that will probably re-elect Senator “Osama built day care centers” Murray this November.

  6. Alex Bensky says:

    Well, my parents stopped at three children because they read that every fourth baby born was Chinese.

  7. Wacky Hermit says:

    2.45 kids and counting…

  8. Loved the comment on immigration…So we’re all supposed to stop at two children and open our borders to people who typically have a herd of them? What’s wrong with THAT picture?

  9. Two children won’t replace us! Most Western democracies are below that point or close to it. But I am optimistic rather than pessimistic in regards to the immigrants. I think that most of them are moving to the West for freedom and actual lifestyle choices, not to overcome our way of life (though of course there are exceptions). We have a good thing going in the West, and others want to have a part in it.

    Some of the comments remind me of the prevalent views of a century ago, when Southern European and Baltic immigrants were met with a great deal of suspicion. I’m looking forward to “Wop”, “Papist”, and “Litvak” first appearing on this site.

  10. Eric Pobirs says:

    I’ve always thought my parents had too many children.

    I’m the youngest.