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Eugene, Oregon may name a new school after writer and psychedelic pioneer Ken Kesey. Rosenblog is already on the bus, suggesting the Ken Kesey Academy of Higher Learning.

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  1. That would be so cool! A school, perhaps with the motto “acid is a blessed drug” (a famous Kesey quote) enforcing zero tolerance rules.

  2. Ken Summers says:

    What a trip.

  3. I like the idea. Too often, the naming of schools has gone to the obvious choices: school officials, politicians or Martin Luther King, Jr. I’m glad that somewhere there is a school district that would take the flak for naming a school after someone who, whether or not you agree with his means, had an inquisitive mind.

    But I’d hate to be a DARE officer assigned there!

  4. Insufficiently Sensitive says:

    Nah. It should be the Cuckoo’s Nest.

  5. Lemme tell ya a few things about Eugene, OR: A new square downtown was named after Kesey just after he died. The naming elicited protests that Eugene shouldn’t name a square after Kesey because “Kesey wasn’t a square.” I kid you not.

    The last thing anyone in Eugene needs is more incentive to go on believing that it’s still the 60’s. literally or politically.

  6. Completely off track but – Joanne, you were getting a bit mutty over at Tim Blair’s place! I was pleasantly suprised.

  7. I do think Merry Pranksters could be nice PC (offending no genders, races etc.) mascots…

  8. “Merry Pranksters” would offend those without any sense of humor. The humor-impaired would strongly dislike references to glee, liveliness, and any form of jape, jive, or jocular activity.