High school at Hooters

A Savannah, Georgia high school will not give vocational studies credit to a 17-year-old senior who works at a local restaurant, Hooters. While Laura Williams wears long pants and a collared shirt as a Hooters hostess — there’s a non-racy photo to prove it — Hooters is known for scantily clad staffers. Inappropriate, says the superintendent. The school board agreed.

“I know we live in a world of Britney Spears, but I don’t see us giving school credit in that atmosphere,” said school board member Vera Jones.

The girl will keep the job and do without the credit. Her father is considering — naturally — a lawsuit.

Aaron Sharp, manager of the Savannah Hooters, has said the school superintendent overreacted. He said his restaurant strives for a family atmosphere that includes balloons for children and a kids’ menu.

Balloons. I wonder how they use them. And who takes the kids to Hooters. Divorced dads?

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  1. It seems a little odd that she did not have to get her job approved for credit in advance… that would have averted this problem.

  2. Not that I’m a fan of Hooters, but isn’t “scantily clad” a bit much. It’s a tank top and shorts, same as what you’d see at a track meet, and I don’t see many newspapers covering track meets describing the stars as “scantily clad.” Now, the Pink Poodle, that’s scantily clad.

    As to the school board, well, do they give credit other restaurant workers? If so, her dad has a case.

  3. Bob Diethrich says:

    Not quite true that only divorced Dads go to Hooters. I even got my feminist ex to admit that their wings are top notch, and she enjoyed going there. I see many families at Hooters.

    Hooters is definitely PG rated. Its not like the Girls aren’t wearing hose and bras. The girl was not working at a strip club, for crying out loud

  4. I have to second the defense of Hooters. I’ve taken my family there before, and the women aren’t really scantily clad. Not only do they wear a t-shirt and shorts, but they also wear tights which cover their entire lower body. Yes the shirts are generally low cut, but not that low.

    In non-defense, I don’t really like their wings that much. Burgers are ok though.

    So does the school have the right to set up requirements that are higher than the law? I mean there are laws that dictate where minors can work, and they don’t seem to eliminate Hooters.

  5. The school does give credit to students for restaurant work. One might argue that it’s a mistake to give credit toward graduation for work experience with no academic component, but it’s fairly common.

  6. I don’t see how the school can refuse to give credit to the girl when other students are given credit for doing the same type of work.

    As for how family oriented Hooters is, the city where I use to live at a Hooters restuarant that was family freindly and I went there with my wife and kids fairly often. When we moved here I went to Hooters with some friends and it is not family friendly. I was glad I did not have my children with me. So I guess Hooters is a franchise that is not totally standardized. For what it is worth, the wings were good.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I always thought the food at Hooters was pretty awful, which explains why I haven’t gone to one in years.

    I have to agree that giving vocational credit for being a hostess is pretty (*&%$ ridiculous, but if they are giving it to other kids, they need to give it to her too.

  8. I agree, Hooters is a nice place for a family outing, and the staff works really hard to make everyone feel welcome, even kids. I have a couple of friends who work at Hooters who also hold other jobs, attend school, etc. I routinely see more skin when I go to a local casino and look at some of what the cocktail servers are wearing, and you can see a WHOLE lot more than what you see at Hooters (sigh)

  9. In the first place, what decent father allows his high school aged daughter to work in a place that bases its entire advertising campaign on the tits of its employees?

  10. Charles Oliver says:

    Other school systems in Georgia permit femal students to do work-study at Hooter’s. I’m not sure why it became an issue this time.

    And yeah, every time I’ve been in, there are always a lot of women and a few kids.

  11. What Rita said.

    Hello? The place is called Tits? Boobs? Knockers? And this is noooo problem because the ‘wings’ are good?

    What if it were called ‘Spread ’em, bitch!’? Would that be okie dokie if the fajitas were good?


  12. Jeffrey Boulier says:

    On the other hand, I had a good friend in high school who worked at Hooters after graduation. Very religious, modest girl. She thought that the environment was just fine. In point of fact, she didn’t even know there was another meaning for the word “Hooters” for weeks.

    Yours truly,
    Jeffrey Boulier

  13. How did she feel when she found out? Pleased, was she?

  14. Dear Rita & Ophelia:

    The PC era, during which hysterical females could browbeat others into submission over imagined injustices is, blessedly, over. Nobody cares any more about your indignation over men enjoying looking at women’s bodies. I look at attractive women’s bodies whenever I can.

    You’ll just have to get used to it. Everybody’s exhausted with that crap.

    Nobody cares.

    If they open ‘Spread ’em, bitch!’ in my hometown, and the girls are pretty, I’ll be there. You’ll just have to stew in righteous indignation at home.

  15. jeff wright says:

    Although I won’t go quite so far as Stephen—I’m sure I’m older, after all—it occurs to me that Rita and Opehlia haven’t been monitoring what kids are exposed to these days. The Super Bowl and the subsequent education regarding MTV were real eye openers.

    The Hooters I’ve seen have been pretty benign places with lots of couples and families. Face it, they found a marketing angle (pretty girls always sell) and they’ve done well with it. In Florida, which I visit often, you can get a good grouper sandwich for a reasonable price. Beer’s not overpriced and the service is good. What’s not to like?

    If she met the requirements, those hypocrites should just give the girl the credit. What other businesses do they disapprove of?

  16. I think she thought it was funny. As I said, she spoke well of the environment.

  17. I am well aware of what kids are exposed to “these days.”

    By all means, let’s rant about the low academic standards in schools, the lack of discipline, and what kids are permitted to get away with, but my goodness, heaven forbid a school actually try to hold to some sort of moral standards.

    And yes, I think it is a problem when the bodies being looked at are those of minors. If adult women (over 18) want to be employed there, I don’t care. But I do care if a 16-year-old is employed there.

  18. Wow.

  19. Family atmosphere? Maybe for the Osbournes. What Rita said.

  20. How many of you who think Hooters isn’t a family place have ever been into one?

  21. Jeffrey Boulier says:

    Lest anyone think I am overly pro-Hooters, I’ve never been to one, have moderate objections to the concept, and expect to have heart palpitations if my future daughters dress in anything more revealing than a burqa. But on the whole I tend to find the level of anti-Hooters posting a bit over the top (alright, ditto the pro-Hooters posting).

  22. So…what’s over the top, exactly? Wondering why people have no problem with a restaurant chain that is named ‘Women’s Breasts’? Would you like the idea of a restaurant called ‘Penis’ or ‘Testicles’?

    Is this really so difficult? No matter what it’s like inside – surely the name itself is intentionally degrading and hostile? Do you really think it’s not? Do you think it’s – what? Friendly, affectionate, cozy, teasing, cute? Really?

    Suppose you’re a woman. You’re teaching a class – history, say, or philosophy, or calculus. Or you’re a surgeon, just making an incision. Or you’re an engineer explaining a blueprint. Someone – a student, a nurse, another engineer – says ‘Hey, nice hooters.’ Would you be charmed and amused? Are you sure?

    Or you’re a woman. You’re out for a walk – walking down the street, or on the beach, or in the woods, thinking your thoughts – thinking about something you’re writing, perhaps, or some research you’re working on, an argument you’re constructing. You’re thinking hard, lost in your thoughts. Someone walking in the other direction beams and says ‘Hey, nice hooters!’ Would you be pleased and flattered? Are you sure?

  23. In answer to Ophelia’s question:

    Here in the Seattle area, there is a small chain of hamburger stands called Dick’s. To the best of my knowledge, it has not harmed local morals during its 50 years in business. And I don’t think I am the first one to notice the double meaning.

    To quote from Tom Lehrer: “When correctly viewed, everything is lewd.”

  24. Linda Davis says:

    As a frequent lunch card carrying patron of Hooter’s, I (a female professional) laughed out loud when I read this news article. Who takes their kids to Hooter’s? I take my kids to Hooter’s. I love the food and I love the service. I would like to ask the Savannah School Board members if they are this offended when they go to the beach with their families. I have seen sights there that I cannot stand to think about.

    I think we need to lighten up a little. If you don’t approve, don’t go there. I don’t, however, believe that someone else’s opinion about this restaurant should be held against this student. She is doing the same thing that the other students are doing and should be afforded the same credit as everyone else.

  25. True, true – I thought of Dick’s! But after all, the guy’s name really was Dick (and it was fifty years ago, when people thought pure thoughts, and double-entendres were just…ignored). And there’s an apostrophe. Is Hooters named after someone whose name actually is Hooter? Hooter Jones, Hooter Rasmussen? If so – where’s the apostrophe? Hooters is one thing, Hooter’s is another. I rest my case.

    Lighten up a little. Hm. That’s an okay song but not as good as ‘Feminists have no sense of humour’. You know – ‘Do you know feminists have no sense of humour?’ ‘No but if you hum a few bars I’ll fake it.’ Hahahahaha

    There; light enough?

  26. Ophelia and Rita, Hooters is named after owls, if you’ve ever been in one you’d know that by reading the story on the back of the menu. As for the wings, it depends on which one you go to. The one in Baltimore is very good, while the one on Long Island isn’t that great. I’ve seen women and kids just about everyone that I’ve been in. The others are right, you see a lot more skin at the beach then at Hooters.

  27. I have been to Hooters (with men I worked with who clearly chose it over a number of other restaurants for the image). I had no problem being there, and I have no problem with women being sexy or with women choosing to work in strip clubs, for that matter. The food struck me as unimaginative sports bar stuff — all grease and salt. Yes, I have seen children and families. Hooters is very popular with pre-pubsescent boys.

    I’m not offended by the restaurant itself. I am uncomfortable with the idea of a minor working in a place that advertises the sexiness of its employees. The employees may not actually be sexy (except the Double-E’s on the billboards), and the uniform may actually only play at sexy, but it’s not a line that I think needs to be blurred or flirted with. I think it is analagous to the “hot teens” websites that (supposedly) have 18-year-old models. Technically, nothing wrong is going on, but they’d sure like you to think you’re getting away with something.

    I may be the only dyed-in-the-wool, born-and-raised, Kennedy-voting Democrat around here, but I am extremely conservative on this one, and I won’t lighten up.

  28. Rita,

    I guess that the difference is that this girl is working as a hostess and not a waitress. So she is conservatively attired as she is 17.

  29. Ophelia, I’m aware of local restaurants named “Eggs” and “Rocky Mountain Oysters”, and regularly have a dish called “huevos rancheros”. All of these are ass closely related to “testicle” as “hooters” is to “breasts”.

    I presume you stay out of KFC, lest you be forced to refer to “breasts” and “thighs”.

  30. Roy W. Wright says:

    What Stephen said. Tenfold.

  31. jeff wright says:

    Hey, the point is that the kid, who apparently met the credit requirements, is getting hosed by the school people, whose after-the-fact moralizing and making up of new rules only makes them look like clowns. Hooters wasn’t the point. Who gives a shit about Hooters?

    Ophelia, my advice to you is to give it a rest. You ain’t going to make any headway here. Your posts are nonsequiturs, more appropriately oriented toward topics dealing with the exploitation of women. This isn’t about that. If the kid didn’t want to work there, she wouldn’t have done so. Freedom. Freedom to choose what others don’t approve of. God bless America.

  32. I think we’re seeing the death of the ‘Publicans flow here — let’s try to get everybody up over imagined sexual content, like it’s not all over the place when ever you look. The people who wanted it were paying for the “Lingerie Bowl” while everybody else got Janet and Justin — so let’s make a big deal over it, yes?

    It does seem like a Georgia kind of thing to bar Hooters as a “Britney” kind of place, and the father should sue ’em. But the babble here is an instance of the “think of the children” hysteria we’re seeing as politics gets worse by the day.

  33. Breasts.

    Everybody has them – well, almost everyone, as there are exceptions to every rule. Men’s aren’t quite as, er, prominent as women’s, but they still have ’em. They’re like fingers and noses and ears – there’s nothing special here.

    The only reason they’re such a big deal is because Americans have an annoying tendency to be a bit prudish about nudity (I’m not even gonna touch American attitudes towards sex itself). Breasts are a relatively common sight in Europe, and people are used to them. They don’t sell across the pond like they do here because they’re just normal, everyday things… *shrugs*

    If you don’t keep something hidden and taboo, then it’s not nearly so exciting to see.

  34. Andy Freeman says:

    > a place that bases its entire advertising campaign on the tits of its employees?

    I’ve seen some of the ads, and the above doesn’t describe them.

    > What if it were called ‘Spread ’em, bitch!’?

    Does anyone actually think that that’s comparable?

    > Someone – a student, a nurse, another engineer – says ‘Hey, nice hooters.’ Would you be charmed and amused? Are you sure?

    A more accurate comparison would be a restaurant chain called “smiling girls”, “happy people”, or “pretty young things”.

    I’m sure that there are waiters who think that the whole job is getting the order right and food delivered quickly, but the ones who meet the above criteria are significantly more successful.

  35. Ophelia,

    > surely the name itself is intentionally
    > degrading and hostile? Do you really think
    > it’s not?

    You bet I think it’s neither hostile nor degrading! What makes you so sure it is? Does this perhaps indicate a Catherine McKinnon or Andrea Dworkin attitude toward sex on your part?

  36. “Dear Rita & Ophelia:… Nobody cares any more about your indignation … Everybody’s exhausted with that crap….Nobody cares.”

    Apparently Rita and Ophelia are nobody. Get that, Rita and Ophelia? You and I and everybody else who are uncomfortable with the idea of a 17-year-old girl working at Hooters are chopped liver. The real, bona-fide human beings on this site have said so.

  37. “Spread’em Bitch”

    Sounds like a name for a BBQ and beer joint on 98th Avenue. It would probably be wildly successful, if the food was good.

  38. Laura, you’re surprised?

  39. Some people apparently have great difficulty in grasping the idea that other people may have different opinions than theirs; and that it doesn’t necessarily follow that those other people are wrong, or that they are the members of some generally discounted lunatic fringe.

  40. Anonymous says:


    You shouldn’t be so hard on Rita and Ophelia. Maybe they’ll learn that lesson some day.

  41. speedwell says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sake. “Huevos rancheros” means eggs with salsa on top, not _testicles._ No matter what else “huevos” might mean to the unnecessarily crude-minded (note I make allowances for necessary crude-mindedness, lol). Sheesh.

  42. “If they open ‘Spread ’em, bitch!’ in my hometown, and the girls are pretty, I’ll be there. You’ll just have to stew in righteous indignation at home.”

    This is great. I’m quoting myself.

    I should have added: “The fact that it pisses you off will only make me enjoy it all the more.”

    Ah… the great injustice of men loving to look at women’s bodies! How do the poor girls bear up under such a cruel fate? I might add that, in my experience, the women who do get the wolf whistles don’t seem to mind it. My wife, who is approaching 50, was the subject of much wolf whistling while on vacation in the Bahamas. She loved it. The women who do seem to object to it are those nobody wants to whistle at.

  43. And a tiny addendum:

    This is what feminism has always seemed to be about to me… women who dislike men and sex saving other women who like men and sex from… men and sex.

    I’ve often wondered why they don’t just go off and dislike men and sex without being so vocal about it. Evangelizing about it seems too tempting.

    Feminism is a religion. 50 years ago, the kind of women who are drawn to feminism would have been giving the same moral lecture, but they would have been doing it from a traditional religious viewpoint. I preferred it. It was more honest, and at least Christianity offers men the possibility of redemption. The sermon is more insidious when delivered from an ideological viewpoint. Men are just plain damned without any possibility of redemption. And, it’s really the same viewpoint dressed up in new clothing.

    But, then again, women do love fashion.

  44. I haven’t checked out the comments for awhile. I guess there’s nothing like “hooters” to generate response. Let me post a civility reminder. Let’s not get personal or nasty, please. I like to maintain a certain tone on the site.

  45. The last time I went to Hooters, it was a post-match party with a local professional wrestling organization I used to take photographs for. I don’t even remember the girls — they get interchangeable after a while — but I do remember that the food was quite good.

    That’s the reason I would go back. My wife, on the other hand, thinks it’s all about prurient interest.

    If she didn’t bring it up, I wouldn’t even think about it.

  46. Joanne, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    The tactic of harranguing and hectoring men endlessly because men love women’s bodies is uncivil. When women do this, they are scolding men for wanting to satisfy the simple human desire for love and sexual satisfaction.

    I’ve always thought this common practice of women was unseemly, uncivil and uncouth. And, as I’ve suggested, it arises from jealousy and the desire to punish.

    So, ladies, when do you plan to cease and desist?

  47. I really don’t have a problem with Hooters, either the restaurant or its name. I’ve never eaten at one but I would not object to doing so. I’m told the food isn’t half bad.

    The women who work there are not forced to do so. It’s voluntary employment. I see nothing wrong with giving the male customers a cheap thrill, and their attire is hardly what I would call “scantily clad”. I see people walking around in the mall wearing less.

  48. “I’ve always thought this common practice of women was unseemly, uncivil and uncouth. And, as I’ve suggested, it arises from jealousy and the desire to punish.”

    When do we plan to stop being critical, Stephen? Maybe when you do.

  49. “The tactic of harranguing and hectoring men endlessly because men love women’s bodies is uncivil. When women do this, they are scolding men for wanting to satisfy the simple human desire for love and sexual satisfaction.”

    ‘scuse me… but what’s love got to do with it?

    I can’t fall in love with someone because they take their shirt off… I hope that all men in general are also not so shallow. Surely, I haven’t heard professions of love based on nudity since junior high school. So, let’s be honest here. 🙂

  50. Jerseystitch says:

    I wish more jobs had women in shiny tan pantyhose. I miss the hell out of the 80’s.

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  52. I actually know Laura . She is a really sweet girl . She wears a Polo-Shirt, Bush type short ( with a belt btw ), non-sheer pantyhose & white tennis shoes . Hooters girls wear a logo tank top, shorts, non-sheer pantyhose & tennis shoes . Their standard uniform is based on the Tampa Bay Buccuneers Cheerleader Uniform . If you want to gripe about Hooters, tell them to quit raising the prices . My nephew ( 3 years old today ) loves Hooters . He likes the Crayons, Kid’s Coloring Menu & the Balloons . Oh & he likes he NICE GIRLS who work there . But alas, the Anti-Hooters Bias has hit even him . He won’t be celebrating his 3rd birthday there ( as he did hus 1st & 2nd ) . His Maturnal Grandmother ( my mother ) is out of town & he will be spending his birthday with his father & his father’s parents . They don’t like Hooters ( his father does ), although they have never been . I found this out sunday night . Now a PLANNED Birthday Party with 10 people ( and an annual event ) is not going to happen . But then they are not going to loose $160.00 ( a days pay ) for taking the night off from work . Oh well at least I am still planning on going and seeing Laura . Btw guys, she will be 18 in a month & will be a Hooters Girl the begining of June … HaHaHa … Up yours Dr. Michael Moore . I’m glad I live in Chatham County & not Effingham .

  53. Anonymous says:

    I wish I was pretty enough to work at Hooters.

  54. When people say, “What’s wrong with it, I go there regularly and I take my children?” If you really don’t SEE what is wrong with it, I feel sorry for you and I really feel sorry for your children. Yes, you can see more skin at a beach and yes YOUR children are probably exposed to much worse but does that mean you expose them to even more and with your approval. As far as what do I care what other people do? The slimy atmosphere does affect the town. If it did not, why don’t we have XXX rated places across the street from schools or in regular malls. I think it is a mistaken notion to say “what does it matter what goes on in the community as long as it’s legal…if you don’t like it, don’t go,” mentality. What Bill and Monica did I believe was legal yet think of the slim and decay it brought to our country. It’s a shame more people do not care about the moral values of our society. There really is a difference in appreciating the beauty of the female and ogling her breasts.