Firm but fair

In northern India, a headmaster shot and killed a student for cheating during an exam, reports Cronaca. Now there’s a zero tolerance policy.

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  1. Talk about bad headlines, “Firm but fair” seems a bit of a reach when you are talking about murdering someone for cheating on a test. And I thought I was tough.

  2. They thought about instituting this policy at UVA, but they decided that they couldn’t afford to lose 1/3 of their freshman class.

  3. I suspect you would “only” lose one or two before the rate of cheating decreased drastically. We could try doing an experiment but I doubt the design would get approved by the Institutional Review Board.

  4. Mad Scientist says:

    I think Voltaire had it right:

    “pour encourager les autres”

  5. Ross: I think you’d be amazed at how dense some people can be. I’m betting on at least 5 or 6 a year, more if it’s due process instead of a summary execution. People suck.

  6. Jim,
    I suspect that summary execution would greatly reduce the number of people cheating and it would certainly reduce the number of repeat offenders. An added bonus would be that a “Darwin Effect” would take place if 5 or more per year were caught.

    Of course, all remarks on these comments are tongue-in-check.