Dropping in on drop-outs

Pushed by the No Child Left Behind Act, St. Paul schools are trying to track down drop-outs and persuade them to go back to school or sign up for an independent study program.

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  1. PJ/Maryland says:

    An encouraging story, though I guess the NCLB requirement that created Olley’s job counts as an unfunded mandate.

    Also, the St. Paul school district is not very big (43,000 total students, according to this). It’s the larger urban districts that have an especially bad dropout problem, and St. Paul’s experience is probably not typical, for all that they are the second largest district in Minnesota.

    As size goes, the St. Paul school district is smaller than 6 of Maryland’s 24 districts (which are primarily county-based). It’s less than half the size of Baltimore City or Baltimore County’s school systems, for example, or about the same size as Howard, Harford, or Frederick counties’. On the other hand, I expect the St. Paul’s school district is pretty compact, which may be an advantage in trying to locate former students (an advantage that would be shared by most urban schools); apart from Baltimore City, most Maryland school districts could accurately be characterized as sprawling.

    BTW, I noticed that almost 75% of the St. Paul schools’ funding comes from the state, and about 15% from local taxes. That’s almost the reverse of Maryland schools, which get about 75% of their money from local taxes.

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