Comparing apple cookies to oranges

Photon Courier explains why this flash animation is misleading: The graph of stacked cookies compares defense spending, all of which is federal, with education spending, which is 91 percent state and local.

David Janes, who has a graphic from the animation, rants and roars.

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  1. Hmmm…I thought the Constitution required the federal government to “provide for the common defense.” And the 9th and 10th Amendments are supposed to give the power to regulate education to the states.

    So, what’s the problem here?

  2. I don’t appreciate being taxed from two sources for the same thing.

    Particularly since the purpose of the federal money is to get a hook into education so the feds can run it instead of the states; and this to steal the “education” issue from the Democrats. Maybe I’m too cynical. But the idea of taxing my hard-earned money in order to score political points ticks me off. I usually vote Republican, and I probably will again based solely on national defense. Heck.

  3. Laura,
    Remember the words of Lily Tomlin,
    “No matter how cynical you get, it’s never enough.”

  4. I reckon.

  5. Mark Odell says:

    The graph of stacked cookies compares defense spending, all of which is federal, with education spending, which is 91 percent state and local.

    And of course Ben ignores the fact that the Constitution delegates no authority whatsoever to the fedgov to fund schools of any kind; but one expects that from “good” liberals, of the “living document” sort. Not to mention the less-recognized fact that the true “defense” budget is not the same as the Pentagon budget, but that’s another subject….

  6. Jim Thomason says:

    This is just another in a long and time honored tradition of lying with misleading and incomplete statistics by those who support public schools. In my experience it is far more common for them to ommit federal spending though. This one is just even more bald faced.

    PS They also love to ignore spending on fixed expenses, and instead act as if variable expenses were all there were.

  7. Walter Wallis says:

    And Jerry doesn’t even appologize for the poison in his ice cream – poison he says has no safe dosage.

  8. Ken Summers says:

    One must also point out that, contrary to Democrat claims that the No Child Left Behind is an unfunded mandate and Bush is taking money from schools, Federal education funding has increased more than 60% on Bush’s watch (and I may have misheard – that may have been the increase in a single budget year).

  9. Diotima has some interesting stuff about NCLB.

    Seems the GAO did a study and it’s not really “unfunded.”

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