The look that screams

Every year, the Kappas of USC receive an e-mail telling them what to wear for rush week. A copy of the sorority’s rush note fell into the hands of a Stanford student, who posted it to a campus mailing list.

Hey there Kappa…
Not only do we hope that you are having a relaxing summer but we also hope that you are getting excited for rush shopping. We have decided this year to make a specific statement with our rush wardrobes: Klassy Kappa’s who know good style! We are looking for the konfidant, klean-kut, komfortable look that screams how put together we are as Kappa women. After a great deal of research, we have officially decided that the following options will be best for this years rush.
Attached, is a checklist that you can cut off and put in your wallets. This is to avoid any “Oh I forgot’s” or “I was confused” on what to buy….When you attend rush school, we will ! do a thorough check on the items that you have purchased. Please buy as close to the items as possible to help us get that ‘look’ we are striving for . . .

Convo Day:
The Outfit: Aqua, Turquoise, Light Pink and Fuscia sleeveless, crew neck cotton shirts and white flowy skirts with Dr. Scholl’s.
Provided: The shirts. We will match your skin color with the shirt we think will go best!
Must Buy’s:
1) Knee Length White Flowy Skirt. No A-lin! e. Think pretty and feminine. Obviously no hoochie skirts that you can buy at Contmepo. And no white denim. Only flowy, cotton/linen/eyelet pretty skirts. This item may be found at Abercrombie, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Club Monaco and French Connection (and at any of their dot-com’s).
2) Dr. Scholl’s Classic Slide. White or Nude. You know, the wooden heal ones. None of the semi-suede stuff that they are selling. Just the wood and leather. We understand that walking on wooden shoes for hours could be painful but we have ! ; tested the shoes out on a long 8 hour day filled with walking, shopping and dancing. We found that our feet only mildly hurt at the end of the day and had no blisters . . .

The note goes on to specify the outfits for House Tour Day and Slide Show Day with information on stores where the items may be purchased.

Notes for everyday:
Nude Undergarments: Nude bras and nude underwear. We prefer Calvin Klein Bra’s and Cosabella G-strings (absolutely NOOOO full butts) but anything cheap will do the job. If you have big boobs, don’t buy a bra that doesn’t fit you. If you have small boobs, stay away from awkward looking push-ups. Just make sure that you have enough G’s for everyday! Try Bloomingdales, Macy’s, or Gap.
Jewelry: Nothing but one pair of Pearl (must be simple) or Diamond (1 kt. max) earrings and your lavaliere. Oh and no watches either.

There’s more on make-up, manicures, scents, lotions, hair care and putting together a “rush box” of grooming essentials.

The Kappas may not be kareful about spelling and punctuation, but they’re certainly konscientious about kreating konformity. Seems a bit krazy to me.

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  1. Please tell me this is satire.

  2. The things you women go thru

    If this was a frat it would be three words: Just bring beer

  3. It’s good to know that they only want the unostentatiously wealthy.

    Can we see the rest of it?

  4. LibraryGryffon says:

    When I was at Iowa, a friend of mine worked at the Greek counter at the student union shop. She said that she could tell what insignia a girl was going to buy just by looking at her, even if she wasn’t wearing anything with her sorority’s letters on it already. Conformist is an understatement. Most of the sororities had their own look which their members stuck to religiously.

    Of course my first spring in Iowa, it’s March, I’m walking in to town wearing my heavy winter coat, scarf, hat, boots, etc. Here is this poor kid walking past the snow drifts in knee-length cordoroy shorts, a madras plaid shirt, a cardigan, knee socks and penny loafers. Her knees were blue. I told my sister about it later, and she answered quite matter-of-factly “Oh, its the first day of spring, so the sorority girls start wearing their spring clothes”. Even though the weather hadn’t gotten the news yet.

    None of this gave me a very high opinion of sororities.

  5. Devilbunny says:

    My wife was a [big sorority you all know] at the University of Texas who ended up quitting the sorority during a rush season when she was informed that a second piercing in her ear was not permitted. Mind you, she offered to take the second out during rush events (they wanted her to let it grow over), and it was in the lobe of her ear, not at the top.

    Anyway, it’s all about creating a brand. Gotta have the uniform.

  6. oh, yuck. These are COLLEGE students? who spell heel heal? I notice the brand names are spelled correctly.

  7. Spelling’s only important inasmuch as you need it to buy clothes online, obviously. If you can’t spell Abercrombie, how will you ever find their web page so you can buy a flowy pretty skirt (no a-line!)?

  8. I actually was wondering most about the g-strings. Do their rush events involve lifting the skirts? Is there a panty test before you leave? Are they emblems of “konfident, klean-kut, klassy” women? Are you allowed to wear “full butts” after, or when not going to an event?

    The questions this snippet brings up.

  9. please tell me this is a joke. Even though I have a feeling it is not.

    I was “GDI” in college, mainly because I knew I wouldn’t be admitted to any sorority (not pretty enough, not thin enough, not easy enough, daddy not rich enough) but also because I couldn’t stand the thought of fifteen other women squealing “We looooove you!” and then talking smack about me behind my back (because I knew sorority girls and I knew that was what they did).

    I’d have even been more horrified if I had known the sororities expected thong-wearing.

  10. When I was at MIT, I lived in a women’s cooperative residence that was most decidedly *not* a sorority. When I got there as a freshman, none of the sororities had houses yet. During my junior or senior year, when the first sorority did get their own house. The campus newspaper wrote a big story on it, and one of the sorority girls very foolishly made a comment about “having to change our own lightbulbs now.” We all got a very good laugh in my own house, as we already did all the maintenance, cleaning and cooking ourselves, and learned to do as much of the minor repair work as possible. We also prided ourselves on having some genuine diversity in the house– racial, economic, political, religious, APPAREL etc.

  11. Michelle Dulak says:

    OK, I realize it’s Kappa, but did no one think that all those alliterative K’s looked just a bit . . . KKK-ish? Imagine a Southern fraternity putting out a memo like this.

  12. W.J. Clinton says:

    I think mandatory thongs is a brilliant idea. I had a girlfriend from Southern California once and it really helped advance her career.

  13. Ricki, what’s a “GDI”? “God-Damned individualist”? 🙂

    I boarded in a sorority house one semester in college. At the time I was lonely, maladjusted, and unsure where I fit into the scheme of things. So I rushed, and I got not one bid. At the time I was absolutely crushed. Now, literally half a lifetime later, I agree with the friend who said to me a year or so afterwards, “They did you a favor.”

    Aside from the rigid conformity and merciless backstabbing mentioned above, there was binge drinking, hazing of pledges as severe as serving them Ex-Lax brownies (one young woman, who already had a stomach ailment, nearly died, I understand), and a widespread tendency for a woman to become nastier and more Machiavellian the more power she gained in her house.

    Despite all these unlovely traits, they were also some of the most conceited and self-righteous females I’ve ever met.

  14. I do appreciate that the sorostitutes are branding themselves so plainly; that way, we know who to put up against the wall first. . . reminds me of my own halycon college days when we dashed around one night replacing all the porch lights on So Ho Row with novelty red light bulbs. It took several of them months to wise up and change them back. . .

  15. Maybe they just didn’t know what the red light bulbs signified and just thought they were “neat.”

  16. Reginleif:

    close. The third word is “Independent”, as in one who is independent of the Greek system and all it typifies.

  17. How pathetic. I knew I did the right thing in not joining a sorority in college.

  18. I dunno. I like to hire people who are capable of following my directions and if a potential employee has made it through pledge, I can safely assume that she’s capable of paying attention to seemingly stupid details. And stupid details and their flawless execution are the job, at least in TV and film. And if you guys think these requirements are stiff–check out the traditional black sororities and frats.

  19. What the hell is a G? (“Just make sure that you have enough G’s for everyday!)

  20. -string

  21. I rarely use the word “hate” but OMFG!!!!! Some people need to be decapitated. These fasionista sluts really ought to be forced to drown each other in their own feces.
    In my college days, we’d sneak up to these Frat/Whorority houses with a stinking used garbage can (50gallon) filled with h20, urine, know, whatever, lean that bad boy up against their door and ring the doorbell.
    We called it the “flash flood.”
    Now when I see these vacant, usless sperm recepticles walking around, i just remember the flash flood.

  22. I am in a sorority and even though this posting is past date I feel anyone after me that reads this desirves to hear the other side. Yes, the letter seems to be a nazi-type letter and yes it may be spelled wrong, but it was not written for the newspaper. The above note was expected for a small number of women to read and not to be criticized or picked apart. It most likely was written quickly, so that the writer could return to her first duty at USC… school. These women are proud of who they are and want to look their best together to prove to everyone else what they already know. Maybe its just me and my biased view, but one e-mail telling them what outfits to buy for four days of the year, thats not slutty, snotty, bitchy, pretensious, or outlandish. I would be very interested to see some of the inter-office mail some of readers get everyday.

  23. dg and proud says:

    I was decidedly anti-sorority until my best friend dragged me to rush my Freshman year of college. Let me tell you, I rolled my eyes at every fake smile and every casual glance at the brand name of my clothes. Yet somewhere along the way, I realized that I was being just as judgemental as I expected them to be. It was impossible for these girls to have instant connections with all 1600 girls rushing that year without a degree of fakeness. I was fortunate to be asked back to my favorites, and it was because I treated every girl how I wanted to be treated- which is exactly my style. More importantly, at a school as large as mine, going greek gave me a portal to all of the possibilities in leadership. I received support and guidance from my house as I applied to numerous positions, and won them on my own merrit. Yes, I have conformed because I now own more DG apparrel than brand names- but I have also met the girls who will stand by me for the rest of my life. Sorority girls aren’t catty- that’s just girls in general. I guess my main point is that it saddens me to see anyone with such a narrow view of the world. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.
    DG love and mine

  24. USC sorority women says:

    I go to USC. I am in a sorority. Let me just tell you that every sorority at USC gets a letter like this one at the beginning of the summer. And the reason why? Because if the ABC sorority is wearing matching, well put together, nice, new outfits, and XYZ sorority is wearing a mish mash of jeans and ratty t-shirts, guess where the girls who go through rush are going to choose? The house that looks well put-together. Rush is a comptetition for sororities to get the smartest, classiest young ladies into their house. And for that reason, every sorority at USC goes through this process of assigning clothes. For that matter, most sororities across the nation do the same. And it is not slutty, bitchy, or pretentious.
    The sorority women at USC have maintained a GPA higher than the all women’s average for the past 10 years. Every year, they raise thousands for very well-deserving charities. And in a recent rush, only 7 of the over 500 girls rushing were not offered a bid. So next time, before you go badmouthing that which you don’t know, realize that you may be embodying your own criticism.


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